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The creator of 'The Wire' will not film abortion law in Texas, looking for places to look like Dallas. - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The creator of ‘The Wire’ will not film abortion law in Texas, looking for places to look like Dallas.

Reproductive Rights Protest

David Simon, creator of the television show. the wireAnnounced Monday that it will no longer film a new project in Texas on the state’s controversial abortion law.

Simon took it. Twitter Ask customers where they can film the new miniseries, based in the Dallas area. He explained in a series of tweets that he would not film in Texas to protect the civil liberties of his employees.

If an employer, it is beyond politics. I’m changing the script for next month’s HBO non-fiction miniseries based on the events in Texas, but I can’t and won’t ask the female cast / crew to leave civic films there. What else does Dallas / Ft look like? Able?

– David Simon (oAoDespair) September 20, 2021.

“If an employer, it’s beyond politics,” he wrote. “I am changing the script next month. HBO Non-fiction miniseries based on Texas events, but I can’t and won’t ask the female cast / crew to give up their civil liberties to make a film there. What else does Dallas / Ft look like? Able? “

Simon wrote in a separate tweet, “My answer is not in any discussion about the political utility or the utility of any boycott.

He got some reaction to this decision. The Dallas Film and Creative Industries Office responded to the tweets by saying that the law does not necessarily reflect the entire state.

“Not producing in Dallas (a big ‘D’) only serves to further deprive the people living here. We need talent / staff / creators to live and vote, the inability to make a living.” Is not pulled out, “the office wrote.

Reproductive rights protest.
David Simon, creator of the hit television show “The Wire”, has announced that he will no longer be filming a new project in Texas on the state’s anti-abortion law. Above, people are seen protesting against the law on September 11, 2021 in Austin, Texas.
Jordan Wonder / Getty Images

Simon joins several other businesses to oppose the law, which has been sharply criticized by reproductive rights activists. The law says abortion cannot be done if “Recognizable fetal heartbeat“Which could be as early as six weeks – when many women don’t even know they’re pregnant.” Greg Abbott The law was signed in May and came into force in early September.

It is one of the country’s strictest anti-abortion laws, applicable to cases where a woman has been raped or impregnated. This is an exception only for medical emergencies.

The law allows private citizens to sue doctors or anyone who helps a woman have an abortion. Anyone who successfully sues will be entitled to at least 10,000.

The majority of Americans. Disagree with the banAccording to a survey released Monday by Moonmouth University.

On Tuesday, more than 50 companies including Lyft, Bumble, Yelp, Glossier, Patagonia, Asana, Vice Media Group, Box Inc. , Ben & Jerry’s, and Madewell, Issued a statement Criticism of the law

“Access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, is a threat to the health, liberty and economic stability of our workers and consumers,” the statement said. “We stand against policies that hinder people’s health, freedom and ability to be fully successful in the workplace.”

The statement added that economic losses from abortion restrictions already cost Texas 14 14.5 billion a year, with annual national losses rising to 5 105 billion.

Newsweek Governor Abbott’s office and the Warner Bros. were contacted for comment, but received no response at the time of publication.