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The committee member said that the chair of the Mass GoP was aware of the anti-Asian remarks of the candidate. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The committee member said that the chair of the Mass GoP was aware of the anti-Asian remarks of the candidate.

The committee member said that the chair of the Mass GoP was aware of the anti-Asian remarks of the candidate.


“He openly supported and proudly supported the most racist candidate for Boston City Council.”

Irm Bogusian for The Boston Globe.

This file photo shows Jim Lyons, chairman of the Mass GoP. Irm Bogusian for The Boston Globe.

A Massachusetts Republican State Committee woman says she warned party chairman Jim Lyons. Boston City Council candidate Lyons’s anti-Asian rhetoric was publicly supported this summer., But the Lyons publicly ignored his calls to cancel the endorsement.

Jacqueline Kuriov, a second Essex District State Committee member, told that she had informed the Lyons in late August about a social media post in which Donnie Palmer, a candidate in the September 14 primary election – who The goal was hope for the mayor and Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu

Palmer finished 14th out of 17 candidates in September, meaning he did not make the ballot for the November 2 final. He has since indicated that he intends to challenge Democratic Congresswoman Ayana Presley next year.

On August 29, Palmer wrote on Facebook: “Are we about to choose a Chinese citizen to control the city of Boston?” The words were accompanied by a portrait of Wu, a daughter of Taiwanese immigrants born in Chicago, as well as a portrait of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Korevo, who said she is the only Asian-American member – and represents the only minority in the 80-member state committee – said she posted the post to the Lyons on Facebook on August 31.

According to screenshots of his exchange with Lyons shared with, Corio wrote to Lyons: “I would appreciate the withdrawal of support. As a Chinese American, this is unacceptable. I hope you Will get the same. “

Lyons’ answer was just a question, asking Corio if she wanted to know Palmer’s contact information.

He told Lyons that he already had it and hoped the party would “condemn it and withdraw whatever it offered.”

“I suggest you call him,” Lyons wrote back.

Despite Koryo repeatedly telling Lyons that this was his chance to “condemn Asian hatred”, Lyons only repeated his suggestion that Koryov spoke to Palmer and finally gave him his Palmer phone number. , Although he never asked for it.

“I think I did my best to stop him, and he supported and proudly supported a very racist candidate for Boston City Council, which is unbelievable to me,” Corio said in an interview. Extremely disturbing. “

Jacqueline Corio
Jacqueline Corio
Jacqueline Corio

Palmer took shots at Vu in other posts on social media, including a direct response to his campaign on Twitter in August when he shared his TV ad. Palmer called Covid 19 a “Chinese” virus and asked, “Is China running Boston?”

Elsewhere, Palmer spread lies, such as the theft of the 2020 US election, claiming that the government was “forcing us to take a vaccine that is killing healthy people across the country.”

Palmer’s comments hit the spotlight later this week. Dorchester Reporter The Republican State Committee recently revealed that it spent ، 3,697 on Facebook ads supporting Palmer in August.

On September 13, in the run-up to the election, the party urged Boston residents to vote for Palmer in a post on its Facebook page.

In addition, Palmer won the support of Geoff Dahl, the presidential candidate now running for the Republican nomination. Dahl supported Palmer in early July, and on August 22 participated in a fundraiser for Palmer organized by the GOP.

Palmer also posted photos this summer with City Councilor at Large Anisa Isabi George, who was opposed to Wu in the mayoral race, including several indications that she met him on August 8. .

Isabi George did not seek Palmer’s endorsement, nor did he endorse any candidate in the large-scale council race. Isabi George hosted a meeting and greeting ceremony at his home in which invitations were sent to all the major candidates, where the August 8 photos were taken.

“I’m bored to put it bluntly. His comments are racist.” The language has no place in politics, especially not by someone who claims to be from the whole of Boston. Want to represent. “

The Delhi Campaign did not return requests for comment.

Campaign finance. Filing Show that the Republican State Committee purchased five ads for Palmer in late August, including August 30 and 31: The day after Palmer posted on Facebook, Corio flagged Lyons and the day Corio sent a message to Lyons. Given

Although Boston City Council races are technically neutral, the party regularly finances Republican candidates in local elections, according to Corio, from Pebody, the 2016 state representative candidate in the 12th Essex District, who started earlier this year. I was elected to the committee.

He said the committee did not meet to discuss whether to fund Palmer. He added that funding for campaigns usually comes only to Lyons.

“It’s horrible for them to use so few resources to support someone who is so racist,” Corio said.

Mass GOP did not return requests for comment.

Palmer explained.

Koryov said Palmer contacted Lyons shortly after he exchanged messages.

According to Corio, Palmer sent her several text messages, “hit her” and then “screamed” at her on the phone, saying she was “talking.”

I A Facebook post On Tuesday, Palmer partially clarified his comments about Wu’s writing, “Just for the record. My problem with Michelle Wu is not that she is Chinese … that she is a communist !! ! “

Contacted on Thursday, Palmer gave a broad statement to, in which he said: “His passion and anger is towards our country’s designed free market and the decline of opportunities for all, our democracy. How aggressive it is and how many people are surrendering its pieces by allowing and selecting pro-socialist agendas.

“The very foundation of freedom from oppression is paving the way for politicians who are closer to China, Russia or Cuba, the largest, most prosperous country that has developed the world,” the statement said.

Palmer called Koryov a “reno,” meaning only a Republican, and “a mole in our party.”

Corio said she had previously felt hurt by Palmer, whom she had included in her messages to the Lions.

“In my opinion, I was talking to him passionately about these topics. [protect] Republican views, ”Palmer told a reporter in a text message when asked why Koryov would feel that way. “Looking at his response, I felt that it was against the ideology of the real Republican Party.”

Mark Jett, a Palmer adviser, said Palmer often gets emotional when discussing certain topics and issues, adding that Palmer is only focusing on political concerns, not Wu’s heritage and race.

Jett said he was not present during Palmer’s call with Corio, but added: “I know some people misinterpret Donnie because he’s so excited.”

Palmer, on a call with a jet and a reporter on Thursday, gave birth to the idea of ​​birth while discussing Wu’s candidacy. But he also said it was “stupid” for people to say he was racist. On one occasion, he signaled support for Chinese immigrants who had left communism in their home country.

When reminded that Wu is a Taiwanese-American, Palmer said, “It’s all soft talk.”

Corio on Lyons: ‘He has failed to lead the GOP’

Lyons has previously been criticized by members of his party for not speaking out publicly against biased statements by fellow Republicans.

Earlier this year, a fight broke out between members of the Messrs. GOP Committee in May, when Deborah Martell, a State Committee member, made anti-gay statements about a Republican congressional candidate.

Martel, I In emails and allegedly conversations. Jeffrey Sousa Packett, who is running for a second congressional district seat, said she was “sick” with her husband’s decision to adopt two children.

Martel He refused to resign, Yet His remarks were widely condemnedIncluding Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.

Party members told Lyons to step in, but. He refused to do so “Freedom of speech and religious freedom are values ​​that are intolerable and uncompromising,” he said, referring to party rules.

The only thing Lyons said was that he admitted that “he wrote in a way that was offensive.”

“I think he has failed to lead the GOP,” Corio said this week. I don’t agree with them, and sadly, there are very few people in the State Committee and the Mass GoP who think like them, and unfortunately they are the loudest and most vocal. Get attention

He added: “This is not what we are talking about, and it needs to be stopped. I mean, I’m the only minority in the state committee right now, and we have these issues, you know, because I was elected to a caucus in February, and I have been saying for the last eight months that this is not what we are, this is not what we are. If you talk to 99% of the members of the State Committee If so, you know that they are incredibly welcoming and incredibly tolerant.

Corio said he did not understand how the Lyons’ point of view helped the party.

In July, more than a dozen party donors wrote a letter to the state committee stating that they had lost confidence in the party’s leadership, and He urged the GOP leaders to make changes or else they would lose their financial support..

Fundraising has declined under the Lions. In light of the controversy in May, Seven former Mass GOP leaders have joined Lyons in demanding his resignation..

And in June, two national figures at the party, the U.S. Rep. Dan Crane Shaw, of Texas, and Wyoming Sen. Cynthia Lomeis Canceled planned appearances at party fundraisers in Massachusetts because the state party fought itself..

“It’s become clear to me that there’s no reason or argument behind Jim’s performance, and I’ve honestly tried to figure it out using my time,” Corio said.

“I’m just trying to get people to believe that 99% of our party is not like Jim Lyons,” he added.