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The City of London will not remove the statues associated with its slave trade. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The City of London will not remove the statues associated with its slave trade.

The former director of the British Museum weighs in on British sculptures.
Statue of Sir John Case, English merchant and slave trader, in central London on 10 June 2020. Tolga Akmen / Getty Images via Getty Images

Contrary to its preconceived notion, the City of London has decided that:Maintain and explainStatues of William Beckford and Sir John Case, two British politicians with deep ties to the slave trade. Earlier, in January, the city of London voted. Remove the statues, A decision that flew in front of the British government The government is enacting new laws aimed at protecting this kind of disturbing statue, the legitimacy of which people are now questioning. Now, the City of London’s latest strategy seems to be more closely aligned with the country’s public sector.

Doug Barrow, chairman of the City of London Corporation Sculpture Working Group, outlined the latest strategy: The strategy, he said, “enables us to recognize and resolve our past legacy with openness and honesty.” It does not try to erase history. Put it in its proper context. We cannot be blinded by the fact that the history of the city is associated with slavery, which is a stain on our past and, surprisingly, in many parts of the world today. I have a feature of life.

However, earlier this year, the position of the City of London was very different. “This decision marks the end of months of valuable work by the Task Force on Combating Racism, which has adopted a holistic approach to addressing injustice and inequality,” said Catherine McGuinness, City of London Corporation Policy Chair. Said in January. “The idea of ​​the members was that the removal and restoration of the statues of slavery is an important milestone in our journey towards a more comprehensive and diverse city.”

Eventually, however, new laws were proposed by the British government. Assign these people The consent of the building or permission from the planning department will be required before any sculpture can be removed.

The City of London will not remove the statues attached to its slaves.