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October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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The biggest upgrade ever.

The biggest upgrade ever.


The new iPhone is 10% faster than the previous one, and the pictures are slightly better. In a word: yes.

IPhone 13

From left, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Jim Wilson / New York Times

The fact is that the smartphone. peak A few years ago.

After many advances, small computers have reached incredible speeds, their screens have become larger and brighter, and their cameras produce images that make amateur photographers look like magicians.

The problem with so much innovation is that upgrades are now so repetitive that it’s hard to know what to write about them every year. This is especially so. Apple’s iPhone 13., Which may be the biggest ever update for the iPhone.

The latest iPhone is only 10% faster than last year’s models. (For context, in 2015, the iPhone 6S was 70% faster than its predecessor, the iPhone 6.) Its fastest new feature, a higher screen on more than ما 1,000 models “Refresh Rate” makes scrolling through apps and text easier on opening – hardly a game changer.

Innovations on smartphone cameras also seem to be slowing down. Apple executives have called the iPhone 13’s cameras “dramatically more powerful” and the iPhone’s “sophisticated” so far, largely because they can receive more light and reduce noise. Can But in my tests, the improvement was modest.

It’s all about annual phone upgrades, with companies like Apple and Samsung launching a slew of marketing events and advertising campaigns to boost sales for the holiday shopping season, a mirage of tech innovation. In fact, the upgrade is now a celebration of capitalism in the form of relentless growth.

What better way to compare this slow march than with smartphone photos? To test the iPhone 13 cameras, I bought a special tripod to hold the two phones together so I could take almost the same photos of my dogs at the same time. I compared the shots taken with the new iPhones, last year’s iPhone 12 and the three-year-old iPhone XS.

When I got the results, I was really amazed at how well the iPhone XS camera stood out against the latest models. And the iPhone 13’s camera was barely better than the iPhone 12’s.

To compare daytime photos, I took all the phones and my dogs, Max (a Corgi) and a cobbler (a Brown Labrador) to a park in Richmond, California. In a test shot of them sitting together in the shade, the pictures of the iPhone 13 and 12 were barely distinguished. The iPhone 13 did a better job of capturing the shadows.

In a test comparing the ایکس 1,000 iPhone 13 Pro with the iPhone XS, the $ 1,000 model released in 2018, both images of dogs in clear sunlight looked clear and detailed. I will give you that iPhone 13 Pro produces more vibrant color images.

But in a test on a shady path in the middle of the forest, a photo taken with the iPhone 13 Pro blew the cobbler out of the sunlight. The shadow and lighting of the three-year-old iPhone looked more natural. Apple did not agree with my assessment.

Improvements in the new iPhone cameras are most noticeable in low-light images taken with night mode, which captures multiple images while adjusting the colors and contrast, and then combines them together. Max’s low-light shots were aimed at the balcony shortly after sunset, making them look clearer when taken with the iPhone 13 Pro than with the iPhone 12 Pro.

Low light was an area where the three-year-old iPhone XS could not compete because its camera lacked night mode. In the same test, Max was shrouded in darkness, except for his beautiful white face.

The iPhone 13 cameras also have a new video feature called Cinematic Mode, which uses algorithms to automatically focus on the face – even my dog ​​would find it hard to imagine me becoming a filmmaker. Why would anyone want to use this mode, but I can think of a few tick talkers who might like it.

In short, the iPhone 13 camera is slightly better than last year’s iPhones. Even better than the iPhones of three years ago, the cameras are better when you take care to take good pictures in the dark.

How important is night photography? I raised this question with Jim Wilson, a longtime New York Times staff photographer, as he was taking pictures of new iPhones for this review. He said it would be an important feature for people like him, but not for casual shooters.

“Sometimes I wait until nightfall for a typical scene to be different and interesting,” he said. “But for most people who are not professional photographers, it doesn’t work.”

The fact that the level of smartphone is high is not a bad thing. This means you can enjoy the years to come without missing anything big. And when the upgrade feels right, you’re in for a piece of adult technology that’s growing – albeit not dramatically – better.