The best lawn mowers of 2022, plus everything you need to know before you buy

Buying a lawn mower should be taken seriously. The lawn is a British establishment, first recorded in 1260, according to The Olx Praca horticultural historian Tim Richardson. It deserves the same meticulous care as any flower in the garden. “Even gardeners and lawn enthusiasts tend to forget that grass is a plant that needs to be cared for just like any other,” says David Hedge-Gowers, Chairman Lawn Association and author of Modern Lawn Care: The Complete Guide to Creating a Happy, Healthy Lawn.

Proper lawn care requires a quality lawn mower. But how do you know which lawn mower is right for you with so many models on the market? From traditional petrol mowers to cordless mowers and robotic mowers (the fastest growing category in the industry), there is plenty to choose from. I asked the experts where to start looking for the perfect mower.

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Should You Buy a Rotary or Cylinder Lawn Mower?

James Broadhouse (known by the nickname “influencer in the turf industry”). Jimmy Mower) has been a gardener for the past 12 years and “uses a variety of mowers, from small battery-powered walk-behind mowers to diesel models,” so he’s well placed to comment on the pros and cons of the various types.

Rotary lawn mowers

“When you’re at home with a lawn that’s being used by pets and kids, it’s best to use a rotary mower for a nice finish,” he says. The rotary mower has one high-speed rotating blade that cuts the grass in a chopping motion. They handle uneven terrain and tough grass better than their perfectionist brother, the cylinder mower.

Cylindrical lawn mowers

“Cylinders are the pinnacle of mowers as they usually have six or more blades so you get a really precise cut,” he says. “But they are harder to care for and perform best on a quality turf.” A cylindrical lawnmower (sometimes also called a “reel”) has a cylinder with blades mounted on a horizontal shaft at the front of the mower that rotate and cut grass in a shear-like motion.

They cut neatly and efficiently and can provide a superb finish, but are limited to areas of flat turf as they cannot handle varied terrain or tall grass.

“We advise most people to opt for a rotary mower,” says Robert Garner of a lawn care company. lawn man. “It’s like with wine – you most likely won’t be able to tell the difference between a semi-expensive and a very expensive bottle of wine unless you’re an expert, and we conclude that you won’t be able to tell a finish from a bottle of wine. Rotary and cylindrical mowers, as well as rotary mowers, are easier to maintain and are height adjustable.”

Which is better electric or gas lawn mower?

Once you have decided on the type of lawn mower, you need to choose your power source: petrol, corded electric, cordless and cordless or manual. “Until recently, I would say that corded [lawnmowers] were the best choice, but now battery technology has caught up with them,” says Broadhouse. “Now you’re better off using a battery powered lawn mower as there is a safety issue with using the cord – I would recommend using a battery if you can.”

Hedges-Gower agrees: “I believe that fossil-fuel lawnmowers will eventually lose their place, although I can’t say when exactly,” he says. “You’d be surprised how efficient a battery charge can be – in the golf industry, we have autonomous battery mowers that can mow an entire golf course, and we have robotic lawn mowers that can mow 70,000 square meters of lawn.”

While he claims there’s room for gas-powered mowers for large lawns, “gasoline shouldn’t be the first choice you make for a small garden,” says Garner. “The electric lawnmower doesn’t smell, it doesn’t need to be serviced, it’s easier to start. For anything down to a medium-sized lawn (the size of a tennis court), I would go for an electric model.”

However, if you have a large garden, there may still be room for gasoline. They are the most powerful and capable of handling large areas of grass and varied terrain.

The best lawn mowers of 2022 – at a glance

The best lawn mowers for 2022

1. Mountfield Princess 38Li Battery Lawn Mower

£399, lawn mowers only

The best lawn mower for a small garden

We liked: it is light and easy to maneuver