The best garden chairs, sun loungers and couches for summer 2022

What are the best garden chairs to buy? This is important to know. Well-chosen elements allow the interior design to be extended into a garden, so that when the sun comes out, you can simply open the doors and start living outdoors like a true continental dweller. However, choose poorly and it can become a burden, gradually degrading or taking up space in the garage. How to tell the difference? This guide shows the way. Let’s start with where to buy it.

The best garden furniture stores

E-shops consistently popular with Olx Praca readers include: Barker and Stonehouse, Made and OKAco-founded by David Cameron’s mother-in-law Lady Astor. There are also stores that specialize in specific types of garden furniture.

For example, our gardening expert Val Born recommends an oak furniture specialist. Burville’s view. Tom Brown loves the teak specialist Blue. Ian Masters prefers eclecticism Burford. Cinead McTernan buys from Alice in the garden and Sarah Rodriguez recommends Cox and Cox. You can read Val, Tom, Jan, Sinéad and Sarah’s thoughts on outdoor furniture at the bottom of this guide.

(And if you’re retooling your garden, we recently compiled expert guides to the best patio heaters and best pruning shears of 2022.)

What garden furniture can be left outside?

Traditional rattan made from rattan is not weather resistant, but the best rattan garden furniture today is made from weather resistant woven polyethylene (known as poly rattan) and has changed the look of British gardens.

“Now there is a trend to expand living space beyond the garden,” says Stuart Isbister, outdoor furniture specialist. The worm that turned. “Now it’s much more possible thanks to poly rattan and things like textile cushioning, which is much softer to the touch and also weather resistant so you can leave it outside.”

However, there are many more options. “Teak is a hardwood that has natural oils that rise to the surface,” Stewart says, “making it ideal for garden furniture. It does not rot, but is covered with a patina. We always advise people to be happy that it turns grey. The downside is that it’s heavy.

“Aluminum furniture is very light. Many people in cities have balconies rather than gardens, and aluminum bistro sets are very popular for them – especially the French company fermob, because of the large color gamut. If you are in a windy area, you can choose heavier steel furniture and still have a range of colors.”

“There are newer materials like ceramics and HPL – high pressure laminate, very similar to the marble effect surfaces you see in the kitchen. Garden tables HPL heavy but look very nice and are often used to connect the outside space with the design of the kitchen or living room.

“Finally, the latest trend for rope, which can be woven or wrapped around a furniture structure to protect it from dirt and rain and make it structurally stronger. Furniture made from it tends to be very durable.”

How we chose the best garden furniture

On the advice of Stewart and our panel of five Olx Praca garden experts, we compared the current ranges of trusted outdoor furniture retailers, focusing on proven leaders and new lines for 2022. We chose build quality, value for money, looks and usability.

In Brief: The Best Garden Chairs for 2022

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The best garden chairs

1. Rocking chair La Redoute Manhattan FSC Eucalyptus

£399 La Redoubt

The best garden chair

We like: the perfect combination of looks, quality and relaxation