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Texas governor signs bill to crack down on abortion drugs - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Texas governor signs bill to crack down on abortion drugs

Texas governor signs bill to crack down on abortion drugs

By Karma Hassan and Dewan Kol CNN

After the state’s Republican governor recently signed legislation banning it, it will be difficult to obtain abortion drugs in Texas. Another strict abortion law has been enacted. In the state

Senate Bill 4, On Friday, Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law a law barring a man from “providing abortion – without meeting the required consent requirements for abortion.” The law provides abortion drugs. Requires physicians to meet certain physician reporting requirements. Anyone who “intentionally, or negligently violates” the bill faces a state prison felony.

The state prison sentence is 180 days to two years in prison and a fine of more than 10,000.

Law Involved in another controversial abortion law In a state that has infuriated reproductive rights activists, efforts by the Supreme Court to thwart its effects were rejected by the Supreme Court earlier this month. The law prohibits abortion after six weeks and allows anyone – unless they are a government official – to file a civil lawsuit in a state court against a person who violates the ban. ۔

Abbott’s office has been reached for comment on CNNSB4, which will take effect in December.

The new law “explicitly violates Texas’ fundamental freedoms and makes access to care more inaccessible,” Adrienne Kamal, acting president of Naral Pro Choice USA, said in a statement Monday.

“Anti-election politicians in Texas are launching their attacks from every angle until the abortion,” he said.

Abbott had already tried to limit so-called drug abortions. Last year in Texas when it signed an executive order that was interpreted to restrict access to abortion in the state, citing the need to protect personal protective equipment during corona virus epidemics. Was given