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Supreme Court: Final verdict of 11 years imprisonment for the murder of 17-year-old Agata from Vejrov. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Supreme Court: Final verdict of 11 years imprisonment for the murder of 17-year-old Agata from Vejrov.

Supreme Court: Final verdict of 11 years imprisonment for the murder of 17-year-old Agata from Vejrov.

– What sets this case apart from other cases is a very unusual fact-based system in which the murder took place, i.e. speaking out (…) It was a “murder on demand”. In justifying Tuesday’s ruling, the Supreme Court judge ruled that both cases were correct.

The body of 17-year-old Agataji was discovered by a man on February 22, 2015, while walking in a park in Gdańsk Brzeźno. An autopsy revealed that the girl had been stabbed to death in the lower abdomen. We wrote about it here earlier..

The prosecutor’s office investigating the circumstances of the death considered a version of suicide – Agata was looking for ways to kill himself on the Internet. The reasons for the disappointing step were health problems and a bad relationship with the mother. Toxic tests showed high concentrations of the drug in the victim’s body, including. Psychotropic antidepressant painkillers and medications.

During the interrogation, the prosecution questioned Agata’s close friend – Victoria. She testified that she was an inactive witness to Agatha’s suicide. According to Victoria’s account, her partner lay down, cradled himself and stabbed himself in the liver with a single blow. Victoria claimed that she had taken her friend’s personal belongings and a knife from the park to cover up the fact that the death was a suicide.

The testimony of Victoria S. and the alibi given to her by Alexandra L. led the investigation into completely wrong leads. A breakthrough in the investigation took place when the accused (Psychiatry-Edition) began to describe in detail the circumstances of the incident at the hospital where three people were interviewed. The court explained that “the accounts of these three witnesses indicated the accused’s active involvement in the alleged act, ie stabbing the victim”.

In August 2017, Disc’s District Court recognized Victoria. (Then M. In addition, he ordered the defendant to pay one lakh zlotys to Agatha’s mother. PLN Compensation At that time, Alexandra L. was also sentenced by a lower court to one year in prison for obstructing the investigation. , Suspended for four years.

Defendants, the prosecutor’s office and the assistant prosecutor appealed the decision. However, in April 2018, the Gadesk Appellate Court upheld the first instance decision.

The culprits were registered by the convict’s bodyguards as well as the Minister of Justice-Prosecutor General. The defense questioned, secondly, the manner in which the court justified the second instance – as being too general and to omit some of the defense counsel’s arguments.

A few months ago, the Supreme Court, using the provisions of the Criminal Code, said that if necessary for a proper decision in a case, the court may return the lower instance files before issuing a decision. In order to complete the justification of the decision under appeal, at the same time detailing the issues that should be merged with the justification. An additional such justification was received by the Supreme Court from the Goodsk Court.

As a result, the Ministry of Justice filed a cassation appeal, which in the minister’s opinion was too lenient. Before the court, the prosecutor’s office requested 15 years in prison for the accused, pointing to the “extraordinary advance” of the perpetrator.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court dismissed the cases. “It is true that the laconic nature of some pieces of the appellate court’s justification was highly developed. Therefore, the CCP mechanism was introduced to enhance the justification. The real justification,” Judge Bojashek said. As he emphasizes, first of all, “the important thing is that the decision of the court is correct and that the decision is correct, and the shortcomings of justification have been met.”

On the other hand, in challenging the sentence, the Supreme Court pointed out that the “disproportionate sentence” raised in the appeal should be referred to as a “surprising” contradiction, while the sentence of 11 years to 15 years was not clear to the prosecutor. do not have.

Agata attended high school in Vizcrove. She volunteered at a hospice. The day she lost her life, she attended an open chemistry lecture at Goodsk University and cycled around Goodsk.