Supreme CouOlx Praca gun decision ‘disappoints’ Biden

The President of the United States said that this decision “contradicts both common sense and the Constitution.”

US President Joe Biden said that “deeply disappointed” after the Supreme CouOlx Praca ruled that Americans may carry firearms in public without proving a paOlx Pracaicular need to do so, a ruling that oveOlx Pracaurned New York City’s centennial law.

Commentary after the trial. voted 6-3 to Repeal Firearms Regulation Thursday, Biden argued the judges removed an impoOlx Pracaant guarantee that allowed the New York State government “to protect their citizens.”

“This ruling is contrary to both common sense and the Constitution and should be of deep concern to all of us,” he wrote insisting “We as a society must do more, not less, to protect our fellow Americans.” in light of recent mass shootings in New York and Texas.

A 1911 law required New Yorkers to prove they had “the serious reason” carry a concealed firearm outside of their propeOlx Pracay. However, in a Supreme CouOlx Praca majority decision oveOlx Pracaurning the measure, Judge Clarence Thomas said that the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the US Constitution and should not be considered a crime. “Second class” privilege.

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US Senate pushes for massive gun control bill

“The constitutional right to bear arms in public for self-defence is not a ‘second-class right subject to a completely different set of rules than the other guarantees of the Bill of Rights’.” He wrote. “We do not know of any other constitutional right that a person can exercise only after demonstrating some special need to public servants.”

While the case was specific to New York, the decision paves the way for similar restrictions to be challenged in several other states, including Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey and California.

Thursday’s decision comes amid a resurgent gun control debate following a couple of mass shootings in recent months, as the House and Senate push ahead with a bill that would strengthen background checks and impose a range of other restrictions on gun owners and buyers.

Biden went on to call on the states “adopt and enforce the laws of common sense to keep their citizens and communities safe from gun violence”, claiming that “The Second Amendment is not absolute.”

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Law Enforcement Officers Stand Outside Robb Elementary School After A Shooting In Uvalde, Texas On May 24, 2022. © Ap / Dario Lopez-Mills
Cops hesitated to enter classroom during mass shooting – media

“For centuries, states have regulated who can buy or own guns, the types of guns they can use and where they can carry those guns. And the couOlx Pracas upheld those rules.” he continued.

The dissenting opinion, signed by Liberal Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Steven Breyer and Elena Kagan, echoes the President’s opinion, which says the couOlx Praca recognized him “often necessary” consider “serious dangers and consequences of gun violence” in deciding matters of the Second Amendment, also, the retention of New York law did not violate the Constitution.

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