Stanley Cup Finals Game 5: Five things to look out for when the Avalanche takes on the Lightning

With Friday Night’s win at Ball Arena, the Avalanche will win the Stanley Cup for the third time and prevent the Tampa Bay Lightning from a triple.

Five things to look out for before Game 5

1) Close it at home. The Avalanche haven’t closed a playoff series at home since 2008. They can win the Stanley Cup in front of the maroon and blue faithful at Ball Arena in Denver’s biggest hockey celebration since 2001.

“It’s going to be great,” Avalanche coach Jared Bednar said Thursday morning at the Tampa airport. “The whole season we try to get home ice advantage and we came in and got the division in Tampa, played better on the second night than on the first. Our guys will love it. Our boys are excited and must play with desperation. It has to be great hockey.”

2) Lightning. Tampa Bay won twice in the first round against Toronto when faced with an elimination game, and the Lightning were beaten 2–0 by the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference Finals. The bolts don’t recede.

“Just focus on one game. We can. We have to win the game,” Lightning forward Pat Maroon said. “Right now we are focused on game 5 and we have to win. I mean, there’s really nothing (other) we can do.”

3) Stay in the present. Colorado doesn’t want to give up what has worked. Avs are 15-3 in the postseason and a 16-3 finish would be the second-best record since the NHL switched to a four-round format in the 1980s. The 1988 Edmonton Oilers are 16-2. ABC’s previous winning streaks in the Cup ended 16-6 in 1996 and 16-7 in 2001.

“It helps us stay in the moment and focus on things that we can control, and for me, this is the process that makes us successful,” said Bednar. “Our preparation, our breakdown of the game into five-minute stages so that we are clear and do what we need to do to succeed. This is our path to success this season and we are not going to change it.”

4) Play fast. The Avalanche beat the Lightning 11-3 in Game 1 and Game 2 in Denver. Colorado played fast – faster than in Tampa due to the worsening ice conditions. Since the Avs are the fastest team in this series, expect the Ball Arena ice team to make sure conditions are favorable for the home team.

“Here we have a great opportunity to do something great for the team, but at the end of the day we have to focus on ourselves and play our game and then wherever it takes us, it will take us,” said the defender. Avs Cale Makar. . “We have a lot of faith in boys and there’s definitely no doubt in our room.”

5) Be special in rare moments. The Avalanche is bombarding special teams in this series, winning 6 out of 13 powerplays and killing 13 out of 14 shorthand situations. But as the streak goes on, penalties are awarded less often, and both teams need to accept they’ll have to contend with non-calls and focus on how they play evenly.

“This is playoff hockey. Stanley Cup Final. You as players are expected to fight through a certain number of things because this is the most competitive time of the year,” Bednar said. “Referees are not going to deal with the little things that confuse teams and give them an advantage over the other team. They are going to let the players settle the game. That’s how it should be.”

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