Saskatoon City Council will consider rezoning the Brighton neighborhood – Saskatoon.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Saskatoon Municipal Planning Commission looked into a possible rezoning of part of the city’s Brighton neighborhood.


Dream Development submitted an application to rezone a portion of the western part of the Brighton community near Brighton Way and Brighton Gate. Both sites are currently undeveloped and labeled as future urban development.

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The Saskatoon YWCA is proposing an 18-unit housing complex to meet demand.

The proposed change would change the sites to R1A, R1B, and R2.

R1A is a one-unit residential district, R1B is a small lot one-unit residential district, and R2 is a one- and two-unit residential district.

This change will also allow for related community usage.

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Anthony Andre, senior planner for the City of Saskatoon, says the change will benefit the community as a whole.

“Related community uses would be things like daycares, places of worship and care homes,” Andre said.

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A Saskatoon Transit Safety Report is being developed to address violence, harassment.

It was recommended that the report be presented to the City Council for Council to consider rezoning at a public hearing.

The motion was carried unanimously and the report will be brought to the City Council.

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