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Sarah Silverman says there is a "Jewish face" in Hollywood. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Sarah Silverman says there is a “Jewish face” in Hollywood.

Sarah Silverman rejected Hollywood’s tendency for non-Jewish actors to play Jewish roles, calling the process a “Jewish face.”

The 50-year-old comedian pointed to Catherine Han. A recent example is a 48-year-old Catholic actress who was tapped to photograph the late John Reverse, who was Jewish. In the next limited series.

“There’s a long tradition of non-Jews playing with Jews, and not just playing with people who are Jewish, but people whose Judaism is their whole existence,” Silverman said. Thursday’s episode of a podcast called“One could argue, for example, a non-nation,” he added. [a non-Jew] Playing the young Revers in the right way will do what is actually called the ‘Jewish level’.

He added, “It is defined when a non-Jew poses with a Jew in front and in the center, often with make-up or a change in features, a big fake nose, all New York Y or Yiddish Y infection.” And at a time when the importance of representation is seen as so important and so central and central, because even today we continue to violate it?

The “School of Rock” actress pointed to anti-Jewish troupes who are often referred to as “Jews run Hollywood,” “Jews are rich” and “Jews are powerful,” after which she said: “Makes people very sympathetic to goodness” Jewish. “

“I want them to realize that this is a design,” he said.

Silverman expressed his belief that if a woman is a Jewish character who “is brave or deserves love, she will never be played by a Jew.”

He then went on to cite other examples, noting that Felicity Jones played the role of Ruth Bader Jensberg, Rachel Brosnan played the fictional Jewish character Mary Messell, and Margo Martindale played Bella Abzog. What and Tracy Olman’s daughter was Frieden.

While Silverman noted that she thinks no actress by her name is “doing anything wrong”, she said the subject is “faked up”. She added that she considered ideological politics “disturbing” and “acting is acting” but then doubled down, saying “representation is important at the moment.”

“It simply came to our notice then. “Especially Jewish women.”