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Sam Hilliard's emotional home run brings tears when the Rockies beat the Nationals - Denver Post. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Sam Hilliard’s emotional home run brings tears when the Rockies beat the Nationals – Denver Post.

Sam Hilliard's emotional home run brings tears when the Rockies beat the Nationals - Denver Post.

Sometimes, I cry in baseball. And the game is better for him.

In National Park on Friday night, Rockies outfielder Sam Hilliard hit a two-run, two-run homer in the sixth inning to give his side a 7-6 lead. After returning to the dugout, Hilliard left his crying comrades for a few minutes. When he took his place on the left field, tears were still flowing.

Hilliard then, poetically, also scored the ninth winning run in Colorado’s multi-rally, 9-8 victory. Elias Diaz tied the game with Solo Homer 8-8. Hilliard then singled from the right, stealing the second, Garrett Hampson’s sacrifice to third and Brendon Rogers’ single to the left.

It has been an emotional and exciting week for Hilliard.

On Sunday, Hilliard’s father died after a three-year battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrg’s disease. Hilliard, along with his mother Tamara Hext Hilliard, led the team Hilliard ALS, which raises money for research and treatment of this dangerous disease.

The Rockies, for most of the season, have been street wrestlers, winning four in a row. They are 6-1 on the current road trip, winning both games in Atlanta after taking three of four in Philadelphia. They have won the first winning road trip of the season.

But a win looked dubious in the eighth when the Nuts took an 8-7 lead. Nuts pinch Ryan Zimmerman dropped an out-of-double relief Julius Chassin and scored on a single from Alcides Escobar. Rocky lefty Lucas Gilbert entered the game and moved the dangerous Juan Soto to load the bases. Josh Bell hit an RBI grounder at Rogers in the second, and although Rogers tagged Soto on Beso Path, he could not complete the double play because he was entangled with Soto.

Colorado beat the Nuts despite a strong start by the German Marquez. For the first time, the All-Star was closed from the start and allowed six runs on eight hits in just four innings. The right-hander needed 80 pitches (only 48 strikes) for his short start.

Earlier, Washington took advantage of the Marquez’s walk and shortstop Trevor Story when Calbert Ruiz doubled a two-run lead.

But the Nationals’ fourth innings of four runs was a failure of the Marquis. Washington sent nine men to the plate and slashed the right-hand man for five hits. The big blow came from a two-out, three-run homer by Lane Out Thom who put the Citizens ahead 6-2. Thomas crushed the Marquez 0-1 slider.

Colorado rallied from Josiah Gray on Rogers’ two-run homer at number five. Rogers has hit 13 homes, 12 of them hitting the road this season.

He set the stage for Hilliard’s big moment in the sixth. The story went on with a double and Ryan McMahon’s opponent scored on the left in the field single. Hilliard stepped up to the plate, blowing lefty Alberto Baldonado’s 2-2, 93.8 mph fastball from right center field.

Which update When left-fielder Connor, who first went on the injury list with a right hamstring injury on September 4, manager Bud Blake was hopeful that Joe would return before the end of the season. Now, Blake is not so sure.

“If you’ve heard me say it once, you’ve heard me say it a thousand times – hamstrings are hard,” Blake said. “It’s really the first time Connor has taken his hamstring to a critical level, and he’s taking time (to heal).

“I was very optimistic about his possible return (when asked). Now, I have to step back and see where we are in a week to 10 days.

After a second call from Triple-A Albright on July 20, Joe consolidated his position as a candidate to become a starter in 2022. .