Russian-born UFC star calls fellow fighter ‘animal’ after antics – RT Sport News

Paddy Pumblet may have gained a legion of new fans after submitting the dangerous Jordan Leavitt in the second round during the UFC’s return to London last weekend, but fellow Brit Muhammed Mokaev is sure to I am not included.

Pumblet, from Liverpool, highlighted his growing reputation when he followed through on his words to become the first man in his career to knock out American fighter Levitt, who has since taken on men with mental health issues. Launched a rambling speech about the damage done. The announcement came days after one of his close friends tragically took his own life.

Pumblet’s performance and post-fight comments, combined with his outspoken and entertaining demeanor, have marked the 27-year-old as one of the UFC’s rising stars – but the Dagestan-born undefeated Mokaev says Pumblet is a poor role model. To see the youth.

There are a lot of people who don’t get the media attention they deserve.Mokaev, 21, said after a hard-fought victory over Charles Johnson on the same card.

Example, Arnold Allen. This is Leon Edwards. This is Tom Spinal. Nathaniel Wood. These people are wonderful, good examples. I don’t disrespect the media, but you pay attention to a scumbag like Paddy Pumblet.

These guys never make it to the top 15. Like, realistically, [if you understand MMA] He will never reach it. I don’t think he’s a great role model for young boys. Please follow Tom Spinall, Arnold Allen, Leon Edwards, real men in and out of the cage. I am proud to be like a man like Tom Spinal.

The feud between the two fighters dates back to a 2018 argument in which Pumblet Highly critical About adopted Englishman Mokaev’s decision to carry a British flag into the cage before his fight.

You don’t belong here, idiot“, Pumblet wrote in a heated social media exchange, also to Mokaev “deception

You are racist!” replied Mokaev.I represent this country, what are you going to do about it?

Pumblet responded again, saying that Mokieff should not be allowed to represent Britain if he had not been born there.

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Saturday night saw a back-and-forth between the pair once again, with Mukev also attacking Pumblet for obstructing his backside in front of the media at Friday’s weigh-ins.

This man pulls his pants down.Mokaev said.

A man does not. Women don’t do this. Pulls his pants down, gets fat, drinks beer, like animals. Men in Liverpool, I know real Scouses, they don’t do things like that.

“This guy is so much. I’m not a hater, I just want to see a new generation follow real men. If you talk about UK guys, Tom Spinal is. Arnold Allen is – Leon Edwards – The men of the world, whatever they’re doing, will support you.

Not this guy, let’s go behind security, he’s like a real guy when he sees the camera, but he hides when the camera isn’t there. I see this. I know this energy. I’m not a kid like, ‘Everybody pushes me in the cage, please fight.’ I am also very mad.