Russia has revealed the number of Ukrainian crimes.

The head of Russia’s Investigative Committee says more than 1,300 criminal cases have been filed in Ukraine since the start of the conflict.

Alexander Bastrykin, head of Russia’s Investigative Committee, said on Monday that more than 1,300 criminal cases have been filed over crimes committed by the Ukrainian military and its personnel during the conflict between Moscow and Kyiv.

Russian investigators are looking into possible illegal actions. Representatives of the military and political leadership. [Ukraine]Members of radical nationalist units as well as representatives of Ukrainian armed organizations. Bestrikin told In an interview with the newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

More than 1,300 criminal cases have been filed against Ukraine for violations since Russia’s military operation began on February 24, including more than 400 people, he said.

According to Bastrykin, preliminary investigations have already identified more than 220 suspects. “Including representatives of the high command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and commanders of military units firing on civilians, who are involved in crimes against the peace and security of mankind, which knows no bounds.”

He added that 92 Ukrainian commanders and their subordinates have been charged so far, with 96 suspects added to the wanted list.

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There can be no justification for the use of force by Ukrainian nationalists. The head of the investigation committee insisted. “They are shelling the People’s Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk. They are brutally targeting civilians, civilian infrastructure, including children’s institutions.

They also accused Ukrainian forces of invading their own territory “To blame the Russian military for this.”

Throughout the conflict, Moscow has insisted that its forces never target civilians, only Ukrainian forces and military structures.

Bystrykin asserted that more than 7,000 civilian facilities, including homes, schools and kindergartens, have been destroyed in attacks by Ukraine, with more than 91,000 people named as victims.

In addition to involvement in the conflict as mercenaries against citizens of Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Georgia and the Netherlands, as well as the torture of Russian prisoners of war by members of Ukrainian nationalist units, attacks against Russia. Cases have also been registered. He said that for embassies and other works in foreign countries.

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“It is very important to keep the international community objectively informed about what is happening. [in Ukraine] In recent months, The head of the investigation committee insisted.

Last month, ousted Ukrainian Prosecutor General Irina Vendektova announced that her agency had opened more than 16,500 criminal cases against the Russian military. He said that about 200 such cases are being initiated daily.