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Russian Vladimir Putin He provoked the anger of his own people by preparing hundreds of thousands of people to join him. The war against Ukraineand now it seems that some of these men were not sent to fight. The so-called “enemy” But to “take out” any of the Russian troops who dare to retreat.

Ukrainian intelligence released a Thursday. Audio recording which appears to describe in disturbing detail the destruction and internal strife among Russian soldiers on the battlefield. In the five-minute clip, which is described as a phone conversation between a Russian soldier and his wife, the man says he and other men in his unit are a long way from actual combat. are

“They took us back to the second line, there’s shooting somewhere ahead of us, but we’re just back in the trenches,” he says, before he gets lucky and finds a “Rosneft jacket covered in blood.” Covered” found. But hot.”

“They brought the prisoners here from the prison. But they took them somewhere further. And we’re sitting here as a detachment blocking the retreat, dammit. If anyone runs back, we throw them out.

“What a nightmare,” says his wife.

“That’s how we set it up. We’re sitting on the second line protecting the first line. Behind us, there’s another line. If you go that way, you won’t be able to either. So it’s impossible to escape. They shoot themselves.”

“If one goes. [that way]you need to finish it,” he said.

While both the alleged soldier and his wife suggested that they tried to complain about the situation with an appeal to an unspecified “committee”, the man believed that any outcry would be futile. Hogy, noting that Russian defense officials had cleverly included him and other men on the list. Being “in training” in your unit, not on the battlefield.

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It was not clear where the soldier was actually based. But there have been several reports of Russian commanders threatening to execute any of their own men trying to end the war. A Moscow resident who was drafted last month by Putin said that Col. Gen. Alexander Lapin personally pulled out a pistol and put it to the head of a commander overseeing the retreating forces in Luhansk. were, and threatened to shoot the unit if it did not. Back to the front line, Sota Reported Wednesday.

And amid the humiliating retreat from northern Kharkiv last month, a volunteer fighting for Ukraine in the region, speaking to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity, said his fellow volunteers and Ukrainian soldiers had been killed several times. Dead Russian commanders are found with bullet wounds. After the Russian army’s top brass ordered any soldiers who escaped to be shot, their chiefs

While Russia has bolstered its forces with thousands of new conscripts and prison inmates recruited by the Wagner Group, these reinforcements appear to have fueled dysfunction among the ranks.

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Reported Earlier this month Russian prisoners were freed from prison to fight regularly after receiving their weapons to “try to leave their units and return to Russian territory”. While prisoners are lured by promises of amnesty, Putin’s friend Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is behind the Wagner Group’s prisoner recruitment scheme, privately told the Russian president that “for most of the prisoners, Wagner Joining in, it’s not a deadlock. But a d*ath sentence,” according to Yellow Folder, a Telegram channel apparently run by former members of Russia’s Federal Protective Services.

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And in occupied Donetsk, Putin’s troops appear to be hard at work fighting each other. Ukrainian intelligence has captured a man identified as a Russian soldier. Calling his mother To tell him how another soldier sent with “assistance” was tied up and held for ransom by fighters from the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic.

“He went into town, basically, to moonlight… The commandant hit him over the head and locked him in the basement. They sent pictures. [of him] To his mother-in-law and his wife. Basically tied him up and demanded money, like he was a prisoner.”

“Lord Karim! He thought he was Ukrainian, right?” asked his mother.

“They thought nothing of it,” he added: “It’s fun with us here.”

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