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Rockies Outfield Analysis: The Search for Free Agent Power. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Rockies Outfield Analysis: The Search for Free Agent Power.

Rockies Outfield Analysis: The Search for Free Agent Power.

Editor’s note: The fourth part of the series awaits the Rockies of 2022. Today: Outfield.

The Rockies’ outfield was one of the lowest in 2021, which is why new general manager Bill Schmidt needs to find a way to add a power bat during the off-season.

The Colorado outfielders combined to hit .259, seventh in the majors. But a large part of that average was in the paradise of half of their players in what is known as Course Field. The Rockies Outfielders scored just 46 home runs, 29th, and their .719 OPS was 21st.

The 81 outfielders were the worst of the WRC + majors. Like OPS +, wRC + takes into account how valuable a hitter is in scoring runs, and then adjusts it to both park and league factors. Like other adjusted statistics, a WRC + league average of 100 is considered.

It’s hard to say which outfielder could try to land the Rockies, but the Dodgers’ Chris Taylor, the Reds’ Nick Castellanos (if he pulls out of his contract) and the Mets’ Michael Conforto will be fine. If the Rockies can bear them.

Following are the 2022 season predictions for the performance of each of the Rockies outfielders.

Possible start

RF Charlie Blackmon (.270 average, .761 OPS, 13HR, 78 RBI)

Blackmon is in great shape, but he is 35 years old and losing his strength, just as Todd Hilton lost his strength at the age of 35. A .904 OPS would love to see a similar production of Rockies Blackmon, which will earn 21 21 million in 2022.

In 2019, when Blackmon hit 32 homes, its home run rate was 5.1 percent. In 2021, it was 2.2 percent. Blackmon is still a successful hitter, but it needs to come back.

Defensively, Blackmon had a strong year in the right field, but he may spend some time in 2022 as a designated heater. Grade: C minus

Off Sam Hilliard (.215 Average, .757 OPS, 14 HR, 34 RBI)

Hilliard, who plans to improve his swing during the winter ball, will be given every chance to win an early job at Centerfield. It has the raw power, speed at bases and the ability to handle vast open spaces in the course field.