Rockies Mailbox: ‘Rough’ Fans at Coors Field, Bud Black’s Fast Hook, Brendan Rodgers’ Slump

Olx Praca sportswriter Patrick Saunders with the latest edition of his mailbox in the Rocky Mountains.
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Patrick, could you run a course that educates people on proper baseball etiquette and how to be a “baseball fan” not a “visiting Coors Field fan”?

I almost blew a pad on Opening Day when a beach ball bounced in the very first inning and people booed and yelled at the attendants trying to grab it.

In the next inning, at a very important moment for Kyle Freeland, an attempt to start a wave began in the left stands. Luckily, it didn’t go too far. Finally, what’s wrong with people standing and chatting in the aisles while the action is happening on the field? We’ve had baseball for 30 years and people still don’t understand it. Thanks for letting me speak!

— Bill Gibson, Littleton

Bill, consider yourself exhausted.

I used to get frustrated when the fans made a wave at the decisive moments of the game. It used to annoy me that the fans didn’t pay attention to the game.

I stopped worrying about it when I realized that a lot of the fans who go to games in the Rocky Mountains don’t really care that much about the game itself. For them, it’s food, beer, Dippin’ Dots, sunshine and parties. This is especially true on opening day. Besides, I have the luxury of sitting in the press box, so who am I to complain about the fans?

Also, given current ticket prices, perks, and parking at sporting events, I’m not going to criticize fans for their behavior – unless they’re offensive or violent. you can ask Yankee fans about this kind of behavior.

I agree with you that fans need to feel much better about not standing on the islands blocking other fans’ views. This is either rudeness, or ignorance, or both.

Finally, let me end my tirade with a couple of points. Firstly, the Rockies are playing very well and I would have preferred to have a lot of casual fans in the stadium rather than an almost empty stadium, even if the fans often support the other team. Secondly, if the Rockies remain competitive this season, I’m sure fans will be more into games than beach balls as the summer progresses.