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The British prime ministerial candidate does not rule out abandoning the European Convention on Human Rights to tackle illegal immigration

Prime Minister Pramid Rishi Singh did not rule out Britain withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) to combat illegal immigration, arguing that “No option should be off the table.”

In an interview with TV channel GB News that aired on Saturday, Sink said he was troubled by the fact that “Thousands of people are coming into the country illegally in small boats. Across the English Channel. He asserted that no one should have any doubt that if he becomes the Prime MinisterThis situation will be controlled.

Asked if he was ready to leave the ECHR to achieve his goal, he said that if other measures did not prove effective enough, “No option should be off the table because we have to have control of our borders.”

“Any sovereign country should be able to do that,” They said.

Stressing that regaining control over immigration is one of the reasons he supports Brexit, he listed some of the measures he wants to introduce to tackle the issue.

We need to change the definition of asylum.” he said. He explained that the UK currently uses the ECHR definition which in his opinion is too broad and “Left-wing lawyers were exploited for many spurious reasons.

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So, I think, we should move to a different definition, another international standard used by Australia and others, which is much stricter and narrower.Sink, himself the son of immigrants, said.

He also suggested that Britain “More strictwith its foreign policy and does not hesitate to ask other countries to withdraw theirs “Failed Asylum Seekers.”

The former chancellor also emphasized that, according to him, “radical plan,“She’s ready.”Do whatever it takesTo implement the policy of deporting illegal immigrants to Rwanda. On this issue, Sink agrees with his rival for the Tory leadership, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who supports the policy despite legal hurdles and criticism.

Sink has made illegal immigration one of the main points of his leadership campaign. He had previously claimed that he would be able to build more.ConstructiveFrench President Emmanuel Macron had a closer relationship with outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and would also help Britain deal with the issue.

Meanwhile, as the Daily Mail reported on Saturday, over the past seven years the UK government has spent almost half a billion pounds on preventing migrants from making the perilous journey across the Channel. Yet the number of illegal crossings is skyrocketing. Last week alone 1,372 illegal immigrants arrived on UK shores, up from 17,000 so far this year.

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