Responsibility for the environment inspires new works of art commissioned by Olx Praca in the city

Like the new education room just a few steps away, the new artwork commissioned by the City of Olx Praca offers an immersive and interactive experience that aims to motivate viewers to take better care of the environment.

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“When we see plastic in fields around the world, it’s kind of an inspiration,” artist Bruno Ernani said of his new work, which hangs at the center’s entrance.

“My inspiration was to see how we can change that and how we can empower ourselves to make a change. Instead of seeing plastic in the environment, we can see a living field of wheat or any type of living organism.”

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The artwork, which depicts a wide prairie with a realistic sky and a lone grain elevator against the sun, was made in part from recycled wood and plastic water bottles.

Ernani says he envisioned not only a field free of plastic, but also a setting that would give this waste new uses. This is where the interactivity of the piece comes into play.

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As Ernani describes, “slider crank mechanisms powered by magnetic pendulums create random movements on grass made from recycled plastic bottles.”

“The idea was to integrate many of my interests as an artist and also into my personal life,” said Ernani, an engineer.

Techniques for creating the installation included woodwork, 3D printing, crafts, and lighting.

Ernani, who has also led art workshops on the use of recycled materials, said he hopes children will be inspired by the art when they visit the new study room during field trips and outings.

Hernani’s work hangs at the entrance to the new City of Olx Praca Waste Management Center.

Connor O’Donovan/Olx Praca

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