According to a new New York Times study, the Illinois elected official who is former President Donald Trump’s most ardent supporter in Illinois — Rep. Mary Miller, R-Ill. — is the most in Congress, based on her tweets. is one of the polarizing figures.

The study, published in the Sunday New York Times, “found that in the current Congress, representatives who fought for confirmation used polarizing language on Twitter, about 55 percent more than other Republicans, and About three times the rate for Democrats.”

Miller, a freshman, ran in the June 28 Illinois primary against Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill. defeated, Miller capitalized heavily on Trump’s endorsement, bringing him closer to the start of his campaign for a second term. He is all but certain to win re-election in his heavily Republican primary district in November.

gave The New York Times In their study of statements used by members of Congress, they used language software to analyze nearly 3 million tweets, 100,000 email newsletters, 300,000 Facebook ads and 350,000 statements from the Congressional Record.

Miller’s statements were highlighted in the lead-up to an analysis of how “incendiary rhetoric fuels polarization.”

Miller, whose 15th Congressional District covers southern and central Illinois, was one of the members of Congress who voted against confirming Joe Biden for president on January 6, 2021.

“Ms. Miller’s inflammatory words underscore the extent to which polarizing rhetoric is now prevalent among Republicans in the House of Representatives, particularly among people like Ms. Miller, who endorsed Biden’s victory. had voted against, according to an examination. The New York Times of Partisan Language In the last 10 years.”

Although Miller declined to be interviewed for this story, he said in a Sunday tweet, “Fake news “New York Times” att*cks me for talking about my Christian faith as a member of Congress. I will never go to the radical left who want to destroy people of faith and destroy the nuclear family, two cornerstones of the American way of life!

Rep. Liz Chaney in Chicago on Monday

And as a counterpoint to Miller, an election denialist, Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, is a Trump target because she is one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach him — and on Jan. The vice chair of the House committee investigating the att*ck on Capitol Hill and the events surrounding Trump’s bid to overturn the election results — will be in Chicago on Monday for an event at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Cheney was asked, “Is your number one issue as a voter the threat to democracy?”

“It is. I think that when you look at the extent of the challenges that we now face that threaten to open up the basic institutions and structures of our electoral system and process, that is the basis and foundation that But we can have all these other discussions. . . . So that’s absolutely the number one issue.”

“And I don’t think any party should vote for people who refuse to vote,” Cheney said.

National teachers union pledges $1 million to potential challenger to Mayor Lori Lightfoot

I reported on Saturday. How Chicago mayoral requests are being accepted by Rep. Jesus “Choy” Garcia, D-L., as he considers a 2023 City Hall bid.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, American Federation of Teachers President Randy Weingarten announced that the AFT will place Chicago Teachers Union paid organizer and Cook County Board member Brandon Johnson on the November ballot to seek another term. The campaign is going to donate $1 million to Chest. . Johnson, while exploring the mayoral race, was already endorsed by CTU for mayor — not waiting for Garcia, usually an ally, to make up his mind.

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