Rep. Lauren Boebert at an early meeting discussing how Mike Pence “could approach confirming Electoral College votes,” a witness says.

Colorado U.S. Representative Lauren Bobert met with then-President Donald Trump’s White House officials ahead of the January 6 capitol riot when they discussed what options the vice president had when faced with the certification of the 2020 election, a senior aide said.

That assistant Cassidy Hutchinson worked for Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows. and appeared before a Congressional select committee to investigate the attack on the Capitol on January 6 in February and March.

Hutchinson told committee members that she remembers several meetings where Meadows and other members “came prepared with information about how they thought the vice president might approach certification of Electoral College votes,” court documents show.

In those early meetings, some floated the idea that then-Vice President Mike Pence would delay the approval of the 2020 election results or delay the inauguration in order to “assert that Mr. Trump really won.”

He didn’t. Claims that the elections were stolen in favor of President Joe Biden Was widely debunkedalthough some Republicans keep spreading lies.

When committee members asked Hutchinson who attended the meetings, she mentioned Bobert along with US representatives Scott Perry, Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Green.

She also mentioned Rudy Giuliani, who served as legal counsel for Trump and “Miss George.” Ellis” who appears to be Jenna Ellis of Colorado, who also worked as a legal adviser for the Trump campaign and a prominent activist questioning the election results.

Neither Bobert nor Ellis responded to a request for comment.

“I just remember that the VP’s general correspondence might be able to do that,” she said. “We have to study it. We must explore these ideas. But nothing more specific than that.”

However, some of these conversations were accompanied by fears that the January 6 rally could turn violent.