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Rafał Trzaskowski at the PO Convention: Don't be stupid. - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Rafał Trzaskowski at the PO Convention: Don’t be stupid.

Rafał Trzaskowski at the PO Convention: Don't be stupid.

He continued, there were two pieces of advice at the end of this notebook. The first of these is to “slowly, step by step leave the EU, because no one will set our terms, they will tell us how to proceed.”

“Nota for us, we fell for it and we have to say it clearly. We thought that if Victor Orban was in the European People’s Party, we would be able to convince him because, unlike Kakaski, he has There’s a little bit of passion in this bully, “Traskowski said.

– And we talked, and really sometimes Donald Tusk, even me, managed to stop him from some pure madness and we spent time in it, because we thought he could reason with his mind. Yes, but he had a plan. And …

– Don’t be silly – he called the audience. – Remember how it was with the UK. In the beginning, he also said that there are many privileges, that the union is doing a lot of work. (…) He said you just need to focus on trade, and everything else is absolutely unnecessary, that’s what he started – the president of the capital said.

Meanwhile, as he stressed, the European Union is important. – The Union sets trends, which are really important in the 21st century. If it weren’t for the EU, we probably wouldn’t be fighting climate disaster so seriously. And some people definitely don’t like it. (…) We have a lot of PIS ministers who say there will be no global warming and they want us to suffocate in our cities. For this, it is important for the EU to formulate trends, show challenges and meet them.

– Is trade enough? No, trade is not enough. We need to cooperate with our neighbors, and strengthen democracy where it is weak. You have to focus on values, on human rights. And this is exactly what human rights the European Union is constantly demanding. So far, she argued, the EU had to stand up for them outside, and today it often has to do so in member states, which is because of the PIS, “pushing so many women and citizens to the margins.” ۔

It touched on other things as well, the issue of education – how many Polish women and students, how many young students go to different EU universities, where they can study and meet new people. Thinking in a modern way then he came back, strengthened Poland and made his career here – he counted.

Meanwhile, he added, after leaving the EU in the UK, many people are unable to get an education. “You can imagine the situation where our youth, our children, our grandchildren will not be able to benefit from European education,” he said. – And what will happen to Polish universities will be decided by Minister Zarenik. There can be no consent – he insisted.

He noted that the EU is concerned with defense and security, but also with health. These are our MEPs who lead the committee (…) that deals with cancer issues. The EU is learning the lesson of epidemics. And that’s what we’re saying. This great integration – which PIS fears, complains, fears – we need security, climate, health, education, because the EU is setting trends in the 21st century. Yes, she knows where the real dangers are – she said. So – as he insisted – “we can’t be kicked out of the EU” because “even if one or the other politician doesn’t want to, most of them do, because we see it in their eyes.” “We see it in their statements.”

Eventually, this deeper integration took place in the Lisbon Treaty. Hardly anyone remembers who signed it – but Kaczynski. Perhaps Lech Kaczynski knew more and understood more than Jaroswa Kaczynski. “Unfortunately, no conclusions have been drawn,” Traskowski said.

He added that “the last point in the album that Orban may have referred to Kazesky is the local governments destroying them.”

– We, the local government officials, try to save what is happening in Poland at the moment. At a time when rulers destroy culture, we support free culture. At a time when the rulers are cutting back on IVF, we are financing IVF. At a time when the rulers are destroying schools in Poland, we are paying teachers extra and arranging extra lessons. We are trying to talk about what tolerance should be in school, what will be the consequences of going to the virtual world.
– If this authority wants to take hospitals from us, we are making every effort to equip these hospitals to ensure that the working conditions in them are as good as possible.

Traskowski said local government officials close to citizens know what to do. “And that is fraud, taking your money and squeezing it into the edges of the state. The politician said that which can never be implemented – instead of investing here and now, the biggest airport, the pit.”

The president of the capital stressed that money and investment should be close to the citizens. – They have already started dealing with the courts, they have started working on independent media, universities. These two points are big, fundamentally important – the issue of local government money, investment and the future of all of us, our very existence in a strong, vibrant European Union, is at stake. And I can assure you that Jarosaw Kaczynski wants to implement it from a point of view, and what he says doesn’t make sense – he said.

Traskowski appealed to PO workers to stay together, as it gives strength. – Today, the most important thing is not who did what, who said what. Holes are visible all the time. The most important thing is that we are together, that we win the election. Because we are deciding the future of Poland. Donald Tusk OK, we have to be responsible, but we also have to be brave, we have to be honest and we have to move forward together and win the election.