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Rachel Rollins returned fire after Tom Cotton's 'pro-criminal' criticism. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Rachel Rollins returned fire after Tom Cotton’s ‘pro-criminal’ criticism.

Rachel Rollins returned fire after Tom Cotton's 'pro-criminal' criticism.


“Boston is the only city in the United States اگر if not the only big city where violent crime is low.”

Suffolk District Attorney Rachel Rollins poses for a photo in her office. Suzanne Crater / Boston Globe.

Rachel Rollins is not being quietly confirmed as the next U.S. attorney for Massachusetts.

Generally nominated by President Joe Biden. Shut up As he awaits Senate approval, Rollins highlighted the Republican attacks on his record. During a GBH radio interview on Monday., After his nomination. Opposition to the GOP led to an unusual standoff in the Senate committee last week., Forcing a full Senate vote to appoint him as the top federal law enforcement officer in Massachusetts.

“I refuse to remain silent for my own benefit,” Rollins said Monday.

“It’s about my job,” he said. “It’s not about the American lawyer. It’s about what I do every day as Suffolk County District Attorney.

GBH’s appearance on Boston Public Radio on Monday came after Republicans met in the Senate Judiciary Committee when at least its ratification was delayed to make it possible for the first black woman to become a U.S. attorney in the Massachusetts district. Serve from The effort was led by Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas. Laying the groundwork for the 2024 presidential election, Who called Rollins “Radical, pro-criminal lawyer.. ”

Cotton raised a particular issue with Rollins. List of minor offenses He vowed that his office would generally refuse to prosecute, which he alleged. Boston Massacre and Firing Rise in 2020.

However, this increase, which came in between. National increase in killingsAfter a 20-year low in the Boston Massacre in 2019, which was Rollins’ first year in office. And while the national homicide rate continues to rise, the Boston Holocaust has declined again in the first nine months of 2021. According to the Boston Police Department.. So were Firing And Most other violent crimes.

“Boston is the only city in the United States اگر if not the largest جہاں that has seen a drop in violent crime,” Rollins said Monday.

“I wish I could live a life where I could say something out loud, not have to cite a single thing in support of it, and the media turned it around like a delicious peach cobbler.” “But for me, we have the data.”

“It’s important that we be factual,” he noted in an interview.

Rollins, who? Moved to Roxbury in 2018.“This topic is very personal to me,” he said.

“Why would I waste six months of my life working so hard on anything else in my life? Promoting lawlessness?” He asked. “I live in Suffolk County. I chose to live in the community where most murders and violent crimes occur because I invest so much in making sure we change the system, and I live here with my three daughters. Am

Rollins notes that research suggests – especially in Suffolk County – not to prosecute minor offenses such as shoplifting, drug possession, and minor driving offenses. Effectively reduced the overall crime rate.. People who were not charged are 58% less likely to return to the criminal justice system for a subsequent crime within the next two years than those who were prosecuted for immorality. Study found.

“When people say, ‘It’s going to be illegal,’ they’ve been saying it for years, and it’s not true, because guess what – the people who are killed and attacked – it’s part 1. “There are a lot of crimes – poor people of all colors and people from the BIPOC community.” And so those communities want the police to come into their community, but they want them to commit violent crimes there. For. “

Rollins compared the approach to how police handle lower-level crime in affluent suburbs.

“When kids go shopping … you know what the police do? They don’t arrest them, they call their parents.” And they talk to them, they don’t violate their constitutional rights. , The kids go home and they go back to Exeter, and then Yale, and then to Harvard Medical School, and now they’re doing something else or they’re working for their parents’ company, right? So I’m not saying it’s illegal. What I am saying is that there are other ways in which we can try to cure these alleged problems or social ills.

Rollins added that she wanted to focus on “violent, serious crimes,” adding that her office was “fighting like hell.” Successfully uphold the 2015 sentence. For Edwin Almani. Amy Lord kidnapped and murdered.

“It’s very different from law enforcement,” Rollins said. “I look at it and say I support justice.”

Rollins – Nominated. Gained support from local law enforcement leaders. – says she is “optimistic” about the process going forward.

Following the 11-11 committee vote, Democratic leaders will have to take an additional vote in an evenly divided Senate, where it will need the support of 50 senators. Assuming the Republicans voted unanimously against his nomination again, Rollins would need the support of every Democratic senator.

“And it’s a tie,” Rollins said Monday. “It’s not a loss.”