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Quad Class War: Obedient Online Educated vs. IRL Resistance. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Quad Class War: Obedient Online Educated vs. IRL Resistance.

covid protest

A new class struggle is emerging. World. You can see his face in the mass protests against the ban on Cove 19. Paris, Berlin And London Southern California and Melbourne.. Demonstrators are often called the death knell of the ignorant, but they are exposing a new class struggle that is pitting two growing intolerant populations against each other: those who want to obey and those who Refuse the ban.

To be sure, a serious public threat such as Covid 19 requires that steps be taken to protect the vulnerable and develop vaccines and treatments. Resisting the job, as many Americans have done, suggests that there is no vaccine for stupidity. As one writer put it..

But at the same time, try to get Tomorrow Safety – especially in places. Like Australia And parts of North America have shown themselves to be very authoritarian, even to some people. Left Social control seems to be more than just an emergency response.

Lockdown, in particular, has sparked civil war not only between the United States but also across Europe. “There are people who can work in the virtual world, who tell them how to act and think, and they can stay safe.” Le Figaro “Then there are those who object to the rules – people who have to go to work and see it as another way in which the elite is telling them how to live,” he noted.

The division between Mendelssohn and Tostein is an online submissive class and a real global resistance – from the United States to China. And although the obedient class has good jobs, what are many of them? Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Recently, they have been called the “lost generation” because of their low financial stability. As a result, this generation is embracing a scope, digitalized reality, and as a result is highly capable of proposing and monitoring.

Each country has a name for this generation. In the United States, they are called Millennials and Generation Z. In Japan, they are known by name. شنجنروئی“A new kind of high-quality, low-energy, low-growth existence,” said journalist David Paling. Apparently they don’t need much energy. About One-third Japanese Adults are entering their thirties. Never had sex. Similar patterns. It can be seen all over the West and even in China, as young people are increasingly getting married, starting families and even businesses.

Avoiding physical contact to protect digital connections, the realization of this generation is often realized in the form of the media, which seems to be most concerned about flogging its audience. Emotional mania By alarming instead of alerting them.

And you can see the effect in the way Americans think of epidemics: a Gallup. the study Found that Americans “have deep misinformation about the severity of the virus for the average infected person” and we Exceeding the wild limit The possibility of hospitalization in response, the authority of such organizations. CDC Despite often changing orders and general instability, Sinai is often accepted blindly as something that comes out of Moses.

Coved protest
Protesters held placards on Sept. Promenade in Cape Town on October 2, 2021, as part of a demonstration against the need to wear a vaccination certificate and a mask amid the epidemic. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced just a few days before a new vaccine vaccine, which could make travel easier and help access events that require proof of inoculation.
Rodgers Bush / AFP via Getty Images

Of course, it’s not just COVID-19 when it supports the race to control freedom. The idea of ​​imposing dictatorial control over speech is a special purchase. Among the youth And College educated. In other words, as Mandwell argues, the gulf between the obedient and the disobedient is largely based on the class.

For example, when it came to lockdown, people who could work remotely did very well. Such as important sectors Finance And Technology In fact, he became very fat during the plague. Homeowners and investors saw their property prices rise as people fled the cities and sought more space.

In contrast, the traditional middle and working class have performed poorly. Harvard Business Review Suggests that many people face “an existential threat” and some such projects. One-third of American small businesses., Which employs about 50 percent of all U.S. citizens, may eventually shut down for good. About half All black property businesses as a whole, no matter how many. Half of all restaurants. In the end, they can’t pay their rent.

This has had a disproportionate effect on low-wage workers working in these areas. In the first year of the epidemic, approx. 40% Americans who earn less than 40 40,000 a year lose their jobs. Salaried worker. The workers were fired at half the rate per hour. Of Unemployment rate for Americans without a high school diploma 6.2% to 21.2% Meanwhile, for college graduates, it increased from 2.5% to only 8.4%.

So it is not surprising that many people who own and operate struggling businesses oppose it. New York Times Called “a new absolute health feed” which sometimes includes. Suspicious restrictions On outdoor activities, or as needed. Masks in open areas. Or Elementary school. Really like crazy locals. OregonThe epidemic can never be eradicated. The state is now considering making the mask mandate permanent.

And while, theoretically admirable purpose. What a writer Call “zero risk” can work well for the obedient class, for millions, it means homelessness and return to poverty.

Most of these can only be detected by kneeling, biased and usually just stupid trumpets, as suggested media, And perhaps more positively, our traditional. Emphasis on individuality. Recently, however, new vaccine orders have sparked protests in traditional progressive allies such as labor unions. Airline And hospital staff, and even groups like. A matter of dark life.

This is not all bad news: the epidemic has changed society in ways it promises, such as increasing scattered work and putting more emphasis on public health. But it can also lead to governmental autonomy. In Australia, the “zero cove” initiative has led to house arrest.

We need a focused, open discussion about long-term lockdowns, natural immunity, and even strategies about where the virus came from. These are not concerns that should be censored or ignored by a whole new class of highly educated digital residents.

Of course, we must not allow disobedience to go away completely. They need to have some sense of responsibility for the health of others. Low-vaccination states such as Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama now exist. Worst mortality rate In the United States, with New York and New Jersey More vaccinations were given Florida, despite the occasional fit of media hysteria., What is performed Something better, especially given its large population.

What is needed now is less politics and more public enthusiasm, intellectual tolerance and logic. Vaccines, for example, are important, but we may consider some accommodation for them. Natural immunity Of those who are after infection. Recent Israeli studies The suggestion may be more than provided by injection.

There should be more focus on effectiveness than long-term lockdown, or a more targeted model is used.Wedding More efficient, in view of Sweden. Mortality rate Less than Britain or France, which imposed extensive sanctions.

What we need is to find policies that protect our health without encroaching on authority or widening our already large class divisions and further shrinking the prospects for future generations.

The problem here is not just our physical health but our culture.

Joel Kotkin is a Presidential Fellow at Urban Futures at Chapman University and Executive Director of the Urban Reform Institute. Her new book, The advent of new feudalism., Is now out of the encounter. You can follow him on Twitter: el Joel Kotkin..

The views expressed in this article are those of the author.