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PSL: The government should seek help from the European Union to build a dam on the border. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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PSL: The government should seek help from the European Union to build a dam on the border.

"Attack on the Polish border" Prime Minister Matthew Morawki on the deaths near the border.

The deputy prime minister told a news conference in Siem Reap on Monday that the border with Belarus was not very tight at the moment. – Also recognized by the Border Guard, which says there have been many successful attempts to pass it – Bartozewski stressed.

According to him, the government should take steps to make the issue international. – First of all, the government should seek the help of the European Union, as the Republic of Lithuania has to put up a barrier in the form of a fence, a wall or something else that is not easy to cross. .

Secondly – as he said – “the government should also move through the European Union to the countries from which migrants come to Belarus.” – These migrants do not cross half of Europe on foot, but are transported by air. That is why one should turn to countries like Iraq, Syria or Turkey to stop this migration movement, Bartozewski said.

In his opinion, Frontex (European Border and Coast Guard Agency) should also be asked to appear on the Belarusian border. – Frontex is headquartered in Poland only and therefore should participate as an EU organization.

In addition, he added, the most important thing for Polish political parties is to raise their voices on this issue like the European Union. – For this you need an agreement in Poland. And they can be achieved when the ruling party and President Andrew Doda convene the National Security Council and explain what is happening on the border – the PSL MP insisted.

The RCN is the president’s advisory body on internal and external state security. It consists of: the Marshal of the Sage and the Senate, the Prime Minister, the Head of the Ministry of National Defense, the Head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Coordinating Special Services, the heads of groups with parliamentary or deputy clubs (or of these clubs) Chairman), Head of the Office of the President and Head of the National Security Bureau. Council meetings are convened by the president, who determines their subject at the same time.

Bartoszewski added that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki should also ask for a meeting of the European Council, “that is, all the prime ministers of the 27 governments should bring this issue together.” “And make it clear to the dictator in Belarus that the EU has no intention of pushing immigrants from Syria, Iraq or other countries,” Bartozewski said.

The PSL MP stressed that there would be a major debate in the European Parliament on Tuesday on the situation in Belarus and the migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border.

On Tuesday morning, the EP will discuss Belarus’ more than a year of rigged presidential elections and brutal protests. The MEPs will discuss these dramatic events with EU foreign policy chief Giuseppe Borrell and the commissioner in charge of internal affairs, Elva Johansson, and how to respond to Belarusian actions and provocations. A resolution on the issue is due to be voted on Thursday.

Despite repeated calls for talks from the international community, the government is cracking down on dissidents, independent media and civil society representatives. Since the summer, Belarusian authorities, led by dictator Alexander Lukashenko, have sent a significant number of migrants to the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, and hundreds more to cross the EU border illegally. He was later taken into custody. Immediate steps, including a state of emergency, were taken in cooperation with the European Union and its officials to strengthen border security. The bodies of migrants were recently found near the Polish-Belarusian border.

A state of emergency was declared in Poland on September 2. It occupied the border with Belarus, which is part of the Podolsky and Lublin provinces. The strip covers 183 towns directly adjacent to the border. On September 30, Sam agreed to extend the state of emergency for 60 days, and on October 1, a presidential decree came into force.