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Prince William, an expert on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is an "outsider" in the United States. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Prince William, an expert on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is an “outsider” in the United States.

Prince William With Harry and Meghan

There is a danger of being “outed” in the United States by Prince William. Prince Harry. And Meghan Markle Unless he can show “more authenticity,” says one expert. Newsweek.

The Duke of Cambridge had the biggest PR day in recent months as its Earth Shot Prize announced its first 15 finalists.

Billed as the largest environmental award in history, it rewards million 1 million (1. 1.4 million) each year for five inspiring ideas to save the planet.

However, William’s flagship project – which has the potential to define his career if successful – comes at a time of conflict with the royal family, and especially with his brother in California.

The royal rift between them has become very popular. An entire book has been written about it.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan were here this week. Time 100’s 2021 list of influential people.

Eric Schaefer, chairman of Reputation Management Consultants, said: Newsweek Harry and Meghan have been working with young people in the United States for six months. Opera Winfrey. Interview that saw him launch a rocket at the palace from Montecito.

He said: “The success of Harry and Meghan will pose a challenge to William. It’s important for me to be in tune with them. On a global stage. I think William has been kicked out.

“I think he knows it. His people will be painfully deceived. They know what’s going on. Sharing and maximizing alignment and coordination that General Z and Hazaras Is important for

“It simply came to our notice then.

With Prince William Harry and Meghan
With Prince William Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at St. Mary Magdalene’s Church on Christmas Day, December 25, 2017 in Kings Lane, England.
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

However, he said it was still possible that William’s staff at Kensington Palace could push for change to connect with a younger audience.

Schaefer said. Newsweek“I will never put it in front of the palace so that I can get it ready.”

Very Prince William.For the past year and a half, the work has focused on the UK, from its support for coroners on the front lines of the Corona virus to the traditional English beach holidays that have helped the British stranded in Coved Encouraged to enjoy the summer without.

This week, however, Prince William has seen an issue close to the hearts of many young people around the world.

The Earth Shot Prize has big goals, which he made clear during the introduction of a book for the project, which will be unveiled tomorrow, Friday, September 17.

The Duke of Cambridge explained how he thought the debate on climate change had been “very negative” and that people were “disappointed” with the prospects for saving the planet.

He wrote: “The facts look horrible, and I could see that it risked making people feel like they were giving up. The global debate felt very complicated, very negative, very overwhelming.”

He added: “You can summarize this mood with a simple equation: immediate + frustration = frustration.”

However, after the cover of Time 100 this week, at least one British commentator was moved to suggest that Harry and Meghan were also leaving the Queen behind.

Harry and Meghan's Time 100 cover shoot.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are posing for one of the seven Time 100 covers after being added to the list of the most influential people for 2021. This was their first joint magazine cover shoot.
Pari Dukook for the time being.

Shola Moss-Shogbemimo, a leading British anti-racism activist, told Channel 5 this week: “In 2021, Harry and Meghan have been able to show or establish their influence, which is clearly in competition States, presidents and even queens are not rivals. Not in terms of money, not in terms of wealth, but only the immediate recognition and engagement that comes from both those who hate them and those who love them. “

However, his comments come in between. Harry and Meghan’s popularity declines in UK, according to YouGov polls.

The Duchess of Sussex has a net approval of -39%, with 65% of Britons saying they have a negative view of it compared to 26% who have a positive view.

Harry was liked by 34% and disliked by 59% in the same survey, at the end of August, he got a net support of -25%.

However, there is another problem with the parallel fate of the three royal families.

Prince Harry has a memorandum coming out at the end of next year that could either provide an opportunity to build bridges or make new allegations against the royal family.

Whatever he says, based on the response to the opera interview, there will definitely be a heated debate in the British media.