It is “unclear” whether a new date will be set for the fireworks display at Preston Park after the event was cancelled.

The display, which was due to take place on Wednesday, November 2, was affected by the wind and rain that battered Brighton earlier in the week.

It is currently unknown if the event will be rescheduled.

Earlier in the week, a Brighton and Hove councilor said “as far as we know no alternative date has been set at this stage”.

At the time, a spokesman said: “The fireworks display at Preston Park this evening has been cancelled.

“Given the forecast weather conditions the safety advice from the fireworks organizing team is that they will not be able to fire the display safely in the forecast wind speeds.

“As far as we know no alternative date has been set at this stage.”

Wind gusts at the time were expected to exceed 44 mph, making the fireworks display impractical due to safety concerns.

The city has also been hit by heavy rain in recent days, with surrounding areas in Sussex flooded.

Today, a council spokesman said it was “unclear” whether a new date had been set.

Bonfire Night events are set to take place across the county tomorrow.

We’ll be bringing you live coverage of events in Lewes.

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