Police to slow down cyclists in High Park

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Toronto police have again started chasing cyclists speeding in High Park.

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Since 2020, the police have been using their radar to issue tickets to those who ride bicycles and exceed the 20 km speed limit in the park.

The events were held in response to complaints the city has received from park goers about the growing trend of cyclists traveling at high speed past mudguards, swimming pools and sports fields.

Bicycles are considered vehicles under the Highway Traffic Act and can cause serious injury to both drivers and pedestrians when used at high speeds, the city said.

Sergeant Cathy McMahon said police were in the park all week because of speeding cyclists.

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“Community members have alerted us that some of them are not stopping at stop signs and are driving at high speeds,” McMahon said, adding that the park had several appeals to pedestrians.

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The number of tickets issued has not yet been calculated, and it is not yet clear if this will be a summer initiative.

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Dave Shellnutt, also known as The Biking Lawyer, recently took to social media to denounce police cyclists.

“Last night in High Park, the #TorontoPolice set up radar, shooting at cyclists. They did it armed and adorned with thin blue stripes. The day before the Chief is to apologize for disproportionate use of force and strip searches against black Torontonians, anti-black racism,” Schellnutt wrote.

“Yes, a cyclist should avoid speeding where a pedestrian could be hit. However, I have not seen serious injuries from such people in 25 years. As for drivers who hit pedestrians at speed, the list is huge. If funds are limited, at least point a high-speed gun where the most damage is being done.”

Adviser Paul Ainsley spoke out via Twitter.

“I would love to see these same officers come to my area and deal with the vehicles I see every day entering crosswalks at intersections approaching pedestrians,” Ainsley wrote.

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Cecily Bradshaw applauds the police action.

“Early one morning, my husband, my dog ​​and I were almost run over by a pack of cyclists at top speed. Race bikes are silent and ready for you at any moment. This is a necessary security,” wrote Bradshaw.


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