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Poland-Belarus border guard: Dummy bomb found. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Poland-Belarus border guard: Dummy bomb found.

Poland-Belarus border guard: Dummy bomb found.

“Further provocation by Belarusian services. A dummy bomb was found on the border this morning (Border Guard post in Navi Dwar). It was just a dummy” – we read in the Border Guard post on Twitter with pictures published on Monday. ۔

Representatives of the Polish government emphasize that Belarus’s method of operation on the Polish border “involves the active involvement of Belarusian security officials in organizing provocations and incidents for Polish soldiers and Border Guard officers. Indicates. ” In the government’s view, such actions are a form of psychological struggle for accountability. Upon opening the border

Since September 2, a state of emergency has been declared due to displacement pressure in the border zone with Belarus – Podlasi and Leblin areas in 183 areas in Vyacheslav. It was introduced for 30 days under an ordinance by President Andrew Doda, which was issued at the request of the Council of Ministers. On Thursday evening, Sam agreed to extend the state of emergency for 60 days. On Friday (October 1), the President’s decree on the matter was published in the Journal of Law.