Plastics factory fire causes hell in Yorkshire (VIDEOS) – RT UK News

A plastics factory caught fire in the English town of Hessle in Yorkshire. Residents have been urged to close their doors and windows to prevent toxic smoke, and video footage shows flames and smoke towering over the homes.

Humberside Fire and Rescue responded to the blaze mid-afternoon on Wednesday, telling residents to close their windows and doors as crews got to work on the massive blaze. According to several reports, the fire broke out in a plastic factory that manufactures shower trays for caravans.

Clouds of dense black smoke quickly dominated the town, located near the town of Hull in East Yorkshire.

As smoke cleared the sky, the burning factory turned Hessle to a shade of hellish orange, with shoots of fire seen dangerously close to nearby homes. Residents reported hearing explosions coming from the fire site and told local reporter James Hoggarth how, after the explosions, what appeared to be pieces of solid polystyrene fell from the sky.

Houses and offices near the burning factory were reportedly assessed and the blaze caused power cuts for some residents of Hessle. No casualties or injuries were reported.

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