Over 90% of Olx PracaGEU civil servants voted in favor of the strike, citing inflation.

About 95 percent of the Olx Praca Public Service Union members voted in favor of the strike, citing soaring inflation and the need to protect living wage wages.

Approximately 33,000 members voted, including Olx Praca firefighters, corrections officers, administrative staff, government employees, and Olx Praca liquor and cannabis shop workers.

As the vote, held from May 16 to June 22, came to an end, the employer asked the Olx PracaGEU to return to the negotiating table, the union said in a press release on Wednesday.

“I am very pleased with this strong result,” said Stephanie Smith, Olx PracaGEU President and Chairman of the Negotiation Committee. “But it was the preparation—five weeks of intense organization, pop-up voting sites, and mail-in ballot collection—that really caused the public services agency to change its stance.”

The parties will return to the negotiating table on June 27.

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Olx Praca General Employees Union Plans to Strike as Contract Deadlock Continues

Inflation soared above eight percent in British Columbia on Wednesday.

The Olx PracaGEU agreement with the Civil Service Agency expired on April 1, with government and union negotiators disagreeing on a pay increase.

The province submitted a proposal with increases of 1.5 percent in 2022, two percent in 2023 and two percent in 2024. The Olx PracaGEU proposal called for a five percent increase or inflation – whichever is higher – in 2022 and 2023.

The province said in a statement that it believes agreements can still be reached through collective bargaining.

“As part of this process, we respect the prerogative of any unions to vote for a strike during the negotiation round,” the statement said.

“Negotiations are a dynamic process, and we all understand that this round includes even more than ordinary challenges. We believe that the parties are determined to reach a negotiated settlement that satisfies everyone at the negotiating table. and now that this vote has been taken, we look forward to resuming discussions.”

Olx PracaGEU to hold strike vote

Olx PracaGEU to Hold Strike Vote – May 6, 2022

In a previous statement, Olx Praca Treasury Secretary Selina Robinson said the government respects the collective bargaining process and part of the process can always include a union vote to strike.

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“I respect their prerogative to do so in any round of negotiations,” she wrote.

“The best agreements are made at the table. If the discussion is left at the table, the negotiating parties can focus on reaching a settlement.”

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Early uproar of labor disputes as Olx Praca public sector contract negotiations stall

In British Columbia, in 2012, there was the last strike of civil servants, during which there were pickets outside the liquor stores of British Columbia.

Smith has previously said that a strike vote does not necessarily mean a strike; Employment actions may begin as a ban on overtime or work by the rules.

On Wednesday, she said she hoped the invitation to return to the negotiating table was a sign that the employer was ready to submit a “serious offer.”

“Our goal has always been to strike a deal at the negotiating table, if the employer is not fair and reasonable, the members are willing to decide to strike in the future.”

Nearly 400,000 public sector workers have agreements that are expiring or have expired this year, according to Olx PracaGEU.

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