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Oregon ranks No. 1, ASU rises, UCLA and Cal fall. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Oregon ranks No. 1, ASU rises, UCLA and Cal fall.

Oregon ranks No. 1, ASU rises, UCLA and Cal fall.

Power ratings are based entirely on scoreboards, except when they are not.

(Pacific Ocean at all times)

1. Oregon (4-1 / 1-1)
Previous Week: 1.
Result: Lost in Stanford 31-24 (OT)
Next: Useless
line: N / A
Comment: Playcaller Joe Moorhead made a great case for himself as the conference’s top coordinator. Missing Stanford Game (for non-cowardly disease): Anthony Brown in particular, and Crime in general, did not seem to be fully synchronized. Also, we wish them well in their recovery.

2. Arizona State (4-1 / 2-0)
Previous Week: 4.
Result: Won UCLA 42-23.
Next: Vs. Stanford (Friday, 7:30 p.m., ESPN)
line: Arizona State-10.5
Comment: If the sun devils come close to their potential, they must win by double digits. If they give Stanford a chance, it goes to waste.

3. Oregon State (4-1 / 2-0)
Previous Week: 3.
Result: Beat Washington 27-24.
Next: In Washington State (1 p.m., PAC12 Networks)
line: Oregon State-3.
Comment: We were impressed by OSU’s resilience on two fronts: the emotional level setting after the USC game. And responding to UW’s back-to-back touchdown in the fourth quarter. A competitor’s mark.

4. UCLA (3-2 / 1-1)
Previous Week: 2.
Result: Arizona State lost 42-23.
Next: In Arizona (7:30 p.m., ESPN)
line: UCLA-16
Comment: Burns now needs help to win the division – in the event of a loss to Arizona State. Otherwise, very little has changed. The question is, how much will they change?

5. Stanford (3-2 / 2-1)
Previous Week: 5.
Result: Beat Oregon 31-24
Next: In Arizona State (Friday, 7:30 p.m., ESPN)
line: Stanford +10.5
Comment: David Shaw. Alleged violations of ASU recruitment, Back in June: “It’s a disgraceful thing to do. It doesn’t seem too hard. But for me, living in this profession and being a coach’s child, I respect my profession and respect other people in the profession. Believe in doing. Doing what you shouldn’t do for a profit, I violate. And here we are.

6. USC (3-2 / 2-2)
Previous Week: 8.
Result: Won 37-14 in Colorado.
Next: Vs. Utah (5 p.m., Fox)
line: USC-4.
Comment: Calling our shot now: The Trojans won’t leave 40 points at home for the third game in a row. Utes 39 may be found. But not 40. No way

7. Utah (2-2 / 1-0)
Previous Week: 6.
Result: DNP
Next: At USC (5 p.m., Fox)
line: Utah +4.
Comment: It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. And that emotional flow and flow on Saturday night will not be so dramatic because of it.

8. Washington (2-3 / 1-1)
Previous Week: 7.
Result: Oregon State lost 27-24.
Next: Useless
line: N / A
Comment: Arkansas State beat Georgia State by 59 points on Saturday.

9. Washington State (2-3 / 1-2)
Previous Week: 10
Result: Kyle won 21-6.
Next: Oregon State (1 p.m., PAC12 Networks)
line: Washington State +3.
Comment: Jack Ducart’s defense should give WSU a chance to win most of the games. It remains to be seen whether Nick Rolovich’s guilt depends on this.

10. Nail (1-4 / 0-2)
Previous Week: 9.
Result: They lost to Washington State 21-6.
Next: Useless
line: N / A
Comment: Given their current game and future opponents, the Bears will be lucky to win four games, far less than the six required for a bowl berth. And it’s on schedule with Arizona and Colorado.

11. Colorado (1-4 / 0-2)
Previous Week: 11.
Result: USC lost 37-14.
Next: Useless
line: N / A
Comment: When UConn looks like an aggressive fighter in terms of competition, things go awry. Incredibly bad.

12. Arizona (0-4 / 0-1)
Previous Week: 12
Result: DNP
Next: Vs. UCLA (7:30 p.m., ESPN)
line: Arizona +16.
Comment: Based on what we’ve seen recently at Berkeley and Boulder, the Wild Cats can only win two conference games.

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