opinion Putin performs for Russia, and Ukraine is the stage.

In this system, tycoons must also live with the uncertainty that someone closer to Mr. Putin could tomorrow take away all their wealth. The culture of humiliation runs deep in society. Sexual harassment is common. A 2017 law criminalized certain domestic abuses against children and women. There has been a great commotion in the army.

The father figure in this family is undoubtedly authoritarian. More than three-quarters Russian Believe That they need a “strong hand” to rule the country is a common phrase that refers to a leader who will both protect and violently discipline his people, and which Kremlin propaganda often calls Mr. Uses to describe Putin.

When describing Ukraine, Mr. Putin often uses the same discourse. He invokes Russian clichés deifying Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, as “the mother of all Russian cities” and then activates this idealized “mother” when “she” doesn’t do what he wants. A few weeks before the attack, during a news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, Mr. Putin said that Ukraine only had “our duty – my beauty” and “must bear it,” a line widely considered a Seen as a reference. Lyrics about rape.

Perhaps the description of the Russian Empire as a dynasty is actually appropriate. A family that is deeply unhappy and abusive, with traumas on top of traumas and some members suffer more, some less, but all suffer. Those who cannot leave do not want anyone to be saved.

After the 2014 Russian-backed uprising in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin turned the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk into a Soviet-style desm with Soviet-style youth groups, propaganda parades with Soviet flags and marches of captured Ukrainian soldiers. changed. This time in Ukraine, Russia repeated the Soviet Union’s mass deportations, detentions, and forced disappearances of intellectuals and activists who supported Ukrainian independence. Depressed people may struggle to imagine the future because they replay old traumas over and over again. We will not let you emerge into the future, the Kremlin seems to be saying to Ukrainians, we want you stuck in a past we cannot control.

The Kremlin’s propaganda is triumphant. Feeling humiliated by the West Since 2014, according to Denis Volkov, director of the polling firm Levada Center, Russians have claimed that if it were not for Ukraine, the West would have had another excuse to humiliate Russia through sanctions and other measures. The latest Levada poll shows that 75 percent of Russians support the war. Sociologist Leo Gudkov argues that this support, though, is a matter of people being crushed by the state with whom they pursue anything. A more objective statistic is TV ratings for political talk shows. The highest ratings go to shows like “Sunday Evening With Vladimir Solovyov” and “60 Minutes,” where hosts and guests often call for an end to Ukraine’s independence.