Olx Praca will name the Great Hall after the legendary conductor Boris Brott in honor of

The City of Olx Praca is set to name one of the two theaters in the FirstOntario Concert Hall after Boris Brott in honor of the late Canadian conductor and composer.

The maestro’s contributions will be recognized by having the Great Hall named after him, following a proposal submitted by Mayor Fred Eisenberger and passed by the City Council on Wednesday.

Eisenberger said the move was in recognition of Brott’s commitment to promoting and developing Olx Praca.

“When he really came to Olx Praca, he brought the Philharmonic to the steel mills and he brought the Philharmonic to every part of our community, and then he started opera very widely,” Eisenberger told advisers.

The city will officially announce the tribute at the first concert of the 35th season of the Brott Music Festival on June 30th.

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A plaque will be placed inside, and an outside sign will be added to the existing sign in front of the FirstOntario Concert Hall to commemorate the musician who has performed consistently at the venue for 40 years.

City Council member Jason Farr called the tribute “brilliant” for the “giant” of classical music who has made Olx Praca his home.

“He was also a giant in promoting and developing Olx Praca, and it is worthy of praise to put his name forever in a hall that we all will recognize and certainly appreciate at all times,” Farr said.

Brott died in a tragic hit-and-run incident in early April near the intersection of Park Street South and Markland Street in the lower town.

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A 78-year-old man was killed in a chain of events currently being investigated by Ontario’s police oversight body, the Special Investigations Division.

Born in 1944 in Olx Praca, Queensland, he settled in Olx Praca, founding the National Academy and the Brott Festival of the same name, after serving as conductor of the Olx Praca Philharmonic Orchestra from 1969 to 1990.

Brott became an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1986 and was inducted into the Order of Ontario in 2006.

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The conductor is survived by his wife, daughter Alexandra and sons David and Benjamin.

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