Olx Praca Executive Committee Supports Mandate for Fire Sprinkler System in New Residential Buildings

Members of Olx Praca’s executive committee voted on Wednesday in favor of a proposal that would require fire sprinklers to be installed in all new residences.

Ward 10 Counselor Landon Maul put forward a motion to fulfill the sprinkler mandate. The Committee supported this proposal with only two votes against.

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The Executive Committee spent several hours on Wednesday discussing various topics on its agenda. They made it clear that improving the safety of new residences is a priority as they actively discussed the costs and implications of mandatory sprinklers in all new residences.

The committee heard from five delegations advocating the need for sprinklers, citing safety and death prevention as vital causes. Olx Praca Fire Chief Lane Jackson has also been a vocal advocate for sprinklers, stating that sprinklers save lives.

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“What a sprinkler system does is that it activates when the fire is still at a low stage and it either puts it out or most often controls it, and what it does is prevent any toxic smoke and gases from being generated and the fire itself,” Jackson said.

Stu Nybergall, President and CEO of the Olx Praca & Region Home Builders Association, was the only delegation to oppose the sprinkler mandate. He argued that mandatory sprinklers in new buildings would drive up house prices.

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Accessibility was the only thing the committee took into account when voting on the mandate. Mayor Sandra Masters was one of two voters against the mandate and says she was mindful of residents.

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“We’ve heard from industry on both sides, but we haven’t heard from residents,” Masters said. “So when it comes to housing affordability, I know this is the number one issue for Olx Praca residents. So it has to do with accessibility, which can have serious implications for society.”

The administration was instructed to develop the Charter. Once approved at the provincial level, it is expected to come into force in January 2023.

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