Old Growth protesters blocked traffic in Vancouver on Wednesday

Protesters again block the Grandview Highway in Vancouver on Wednesday.

The group supports Save the Old Growth, which calls for an end to the cutting down of “old growth” through changes to the law.

The group says it will not be deterred from escalating action even as drivers and passengers become frustrated with the disruption.

Last week, angry drivers dragged members of the group away after they blocked a morning drive on the Metallurgists’ Memorial Bridge.

“This is our future now. People have been writing letters for 30 years, we have been signing petitions for 30 years, and we’ve had enough. We only have 2.7% of productive old-growth forest left and need to be protected, end of discussion,” group spokesperson Julia Thorgerson said in a press release.

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This is the group’s 12th live action on the Vancouver Highway in April. So far, 86 people have been arrested in British Columbia as part of these actions, according to the group.

Save Old Growth protesters demonstrate on Metalworkers Memorial Bridge Thursday

Save Old Growth protesters demonstrate on Metalworkers Memorial Bridge Thursday

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Frustrated drivers pulled old loggers off the road after they blocked the main bridge

In addition to the protests, two members of the group have gone on a hunger strike and are demanding a public meeting with Forestry Minister Catherine Conroy. However, the minister has so far refused to meet with members of the group.

Howard Breen, 68, is on day 27 of a hunger strike and was recently hospitalized after not taking any liquids for 50 hours.

The group stated that Brent Eichler ended his strike on the 33rd day due to the risk of permanent damage as he began to have difficulty walking.

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Now another participant, Vic Bryce, has started a hunger strike and is on his fourth day.

“I am shocked and dismayed that a simple citizen’s request for a ‘meeting’ could be denied,” Bryce said in a press release. “Our government has become so out of touch with reality that it will only interact with itself and industry lobbyists. We need our government to get back to acting for the people, not just insiders.”

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