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Oakwood's new Porch Light series in Reunion for less than s 4s. - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Oakwood’s new Porch Light series in Reunion for less than s 4s.

Oakwood's new Porch Light series in Reunion for less than s 4s.

If you’re stuck in an old townhouse or apartment right now, and single-family life seems to be getting closer instead of closer, Oakwood Homes has some new models near Reunion that change that picture. can.

This weekend you can catch a glimpse inside Oakwood’s new Porch Light collection of single-family homes, near Owenway’s E-104th Avenue, about two miles west of Reunion’s other model homes.

It also includes a chance to see the ‘Amori’ project – 3 bedroom / 2-1 / 2 bath single family design with more than 2,000 square feet of space. An additional ‘Flex Space’ that can serve as a home office, 2 car garage and a large patio.

The home is priced at just $ 450,000 – a real value that can provide a home and site in the new Oakwood neighborhood. That’s $ 125,000 less than the average single-family resale home in Denver last month.

Oakwood Money controls prices on these new family designs by combining four homes on Total-D-Sock. And provides them with landscaping that is maintained for a monthly fee of $ 65. Porchlight owners will pay a quarterly HOA fee of $ 109 for the use of Reunion’s two rack centers, among other facilities.

Casey Curley, who, along with Amber Engers, can arrange for you to peek inside the new models, says the Porch Light series is unrivaled in size, features and single-family design. They have already taken 30 sales before this weekend’s preview. For many of these buyers who have struggled to find value in the resale home market.

“We’re still hearing from people about bidding wars for Wrestle Homes, about people offering to bring in cash to cover the diagnostic gap, or discounting inspections,” she says. Offer to give. “

In contrast, with Oakwood’s energy and water conservation features, new appliances and new HVAC systems, including air conditioning, there is no need to bid on these new designs.

All you have to do is wait for the completion next spring – the opportunity to shape your townhouse for sale.