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nyc: NYC council’s Indo-Caribbean candidate lends support to yellow cab owners' protest - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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nyc: NYC council’s Indo-Caribbean candidate lends support to yellow cab owners’ protest

Felicia Singh, the Indo-Caribbean Democratic candidate for New York City Council District 32, has backed yellow taxi drivers who are protesting against many of their loans.
Medal Market – Licenses issued by. NYC The government has devastated taxi drivers, against whom they can borrow – with the addition of ride-sharing apps. Drivers, and their families, have been badly affected, many of them even taking their own lives. The ongoing protests by New York City taxi medallion owners are aimed at highlighting the debt burden on drivers and garnering support for it.
I am supporting the protest because my father is also a taxi driver in New York City and many families like us have been deeply affected by the Madeleine crisis. I understand the difficulties they are facing and the experiences they are sharing with as many people as possible. Although his father Dilip Singh is not currently a taxi driver, he still drives a taxi.
Over the past few weeks, NYC’s yellow taxi drivers have garnered the support of many prominent people, including filmmakers. My nair.
In an exclusive interview with, Singh also spoke about the overwhelming support from the Indian community for his campaign for the November 2 general election at the NYC Council seat, when he met Republican Juan Areola. Will face “Community members, including Indo-Caribbean, Punjabi, South Asian and Gyan, are helping me with putting up posters and banners, making phone calls and knocking on doors,” she says.
In addition, Shakir Krishnan, an Indian-American lawyer, and Shahana Hanif, the daughter of a Bangladeshi immigrant – both Democratic candidates for the NYC Council – are also supporting her campaign. “They are very supportive and helping me reach out to South Asian voters by knocking on doors,” he said. However, some members of the community did not support me, which I think hurts us all, because without our own candidate on the council, we would not have a voice.
It has received many important endorsements, including from the United States. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schmidt New York Working Families Party Black Life Cox South Asian American Labor Coalition for Political Development Bangladesh American New York Immigration Coalition and Queens County Young Democrats. She believes her victory is important to Democrats as well as minority communities. “I have the support of many important grassroots organizations and trade unions that play a vital role in the lives of New York’s working class citizens,” she says.
Singh believes that victory in the end will depend on how many people go out and vote for him. “And we’re working hard to get more people to vote for me.”
If she wins, Singh will make history in the NYC Council as one of the first Indian Americans and South Asians. The race is widely regarded in NYC, the last Republican City Council seat in District 32 Queens, a key NYC area.
Well-funded schools with more resources available to help students succeed are one of the key issues in their campaign. “If elected, I would also work on a climate plan for New York, which is close to a reservoir and could withstand flooding. Cities need to adapt to climate change and We need leaders who understand the flexibility of neighborhoods, who also plan to work for a better quality of life for their district, and feel that many neighborhoods in New York City, especially those with large minority populations, Yes, it needs more resources.