Note saves Siberian after bear attack – rt russia and ex-soviet union

A lone hunter was rescued and taken to hospital after being attacked by a bear in the vast Russian desert, managing to get help by crawling for hours through frozen wasteland, despite crippling injuries.

Local media revealed the man’s ordeal on Friday, reporting how he was thrown to the ground and left for dead by the dangerous creature, who was said to have been frightened by his dogs. The 58-year-old, who was setting traps, was seriously injured in the encounter, making him nearly impossible to move.

After successfully hunting the bear but still fearing the worst, he attempted to get to a friend’s hunting lodge, dragging himself four kilometers through the subarctic taiga, a feat that apparently took around eight hours. to the wounded hunter.

However, finding no one around, he left a note that said, “I was attacked by a bear. it broke me a bit,“urging her boyfriend to call for help “or I will die here.”

A message released by the region’s interior ministry on Friday confirmed that a local found the man’s message in despair and passed it on to police.

Local authorities rushed to the location mentioned in the memo, located 170 kilometers (about 105 miles) from the village of Boguchany, and found the wounded hunter there. He received first aid at the scene and was then taken to a district center for treatment. According to the statement, he is now in stable condition.

Last year, another man from another Russian region had close contact with a young bear in the city of Yaroslavl, which is about 260 kilometers (162 miles) from Moscow. He had attempted to film the creature, which roamed the streets of the city, but had been assaulted. A local taxi driver managed to scare the beast and took the injured future director to hospital, where he underwent major surgery.

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