No guarantee Daniel Jones’ Giants audition will continue through 2022 season – Boston Herald

New Giants GM Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll have had an entire season to evaluate whether Daniel Jones is their quarterback of the future.

But what if they didn’t need that long to make up their minds?

The assumption is that Jones will start at Tennessee in Week 1 and at least get an extended audition to make his case for depth in the fall.

Schoen and Daboll got the jobs because they helped draft and develop Buffalo’s Josh Allen. They have recently proven that they know a QB when they see a star.

And he’s already worked with Jones all spring entering training camp that begins Tuesday in East Rutherford.

So it’s not a stretch to imagine a hypothetical scenario in which Schoen and Daboll could decide as early as this summer that Jones isn’t the answer and pivot accordingly.

That could mean naming veteran “backup” Tyrod Taylor for Week 1. That could mean starting Jones but pulling him for Taylor in Week 2 or 3 if they don’t see an immediate benefit.

That’s why radio host Colin Cowherd recently said the Giants have the best chance to acquire San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo in a trade.

Because while the most accepted scenario involves Jones auditioning deep in November or December during a rebuilding year, Schoen and Daboll need to put the best version of their current roster on the field.

They want to figure out their entire roster, offensive weapons included, and whatever quarterback they need to play will help them do the best job — assuming those weapons can stay on the field.

Co-owner John Mara said in January that he would be “very surprised” if Jones is not the Giants’ Week 1 starter. But Mara and co-owner Steve Tisch are tired of losing. And the organization has already sent a clear message by declining Jones’ fifth-year option for 2023.

Daboll is here because of the meteoric leap Allen made with the Bills under his guidance. Still, that doesn’t guarantee the same magic can work with Daboll Jones.

The Garoppolo trade proposal seems to come out of left field, and is admittedly unlikely.

The Giants will have to offload a lot of salary to get around their $26.9 million cap hit. They’ll probably have to give up at least one high draft pick, which they’re not willing to do.

Garoppolo is coming off surgery on his throwing shoulder. And the Giants had already given Taylor real money ($10.9 million guaranteed) on a two-year deal in free agency.

But the idea that the Giants are already looking for an upgrade at starting quarterback depends on how far along Schwinn and Daboll are in their assessment of Jones.

The tough part about bailing on Jones early, of course, would be that this year’s Giants team isn’t built to win (over/under seven in superbook New Jersey). And losing could help them land a quarterback of the future in next spring’s NFL draft.

If they were benching the struggling Jones for Taylor to compete for a playoff spot with a loaded roster, that would be one thing. But if they were to bench Jones for Taylor to go 5-12 or 6-11 this season, that would leave the Giants in the NFL’s dreaded no-man’s land of quarterback pursuits.

Moving deeper into the season with Jones will hopefully give him the best chance to win with a better offensive line, better play calling and a more complete talent group.

If Jones and the Giants continue to struggle, though, Schoen and Daboll already acknowledge that this year is going to be tough because of the club’s salary cap and roster makeup.

There would be nothing unexpected about giving Jones every last chance to turn his season around while knowing that each loss would move the Giants closer to Alabama QB Bryce Young or Ohio State QB CJ Stroud in the 2023 draft. can

With the future as a priority, Schoen still built a roster this spring with a minimum of one-year veteran signings, apparently in an effort to compete against a favorable schedule.

So Schoen and Daboll owe it to other players to play the best quarterback, and they owe it to their rebuild to pull the plug on something if and when they decide it’s best for their team. are

So there’s no guarantee that Jones’ prognosis will remain deep until the 2022 regular season. And that’s why every day of training camp matters for the Giants’ future at the fourth-year QB and the most important position in the game.