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New York millionaire Robert Dorst convicted of murdering best friend - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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New York millionaire Robert Dorst convicted of murdering best friend

New York millionaire Robert Dorst convicted of murdering best friend


Darst faces up to life in prison without parole for the first-degree murder of Susan Berman.

Robert Darst turns around in his wheelchair as he sees people in the courtroom. (Apple / Los Angeles Times via AP, Pool) Associated Press

ENGLAND, Calif. (AP) – A Los Angeles jury found Robert Darst guilty of killing his best friend on Friday, with New York’s real estate heir appearing in a documentary that linked him to the murder. ۔ Which was linked to the 1982 disappearance of his wife.

Darst, 78, was not in court for the jury’s decision, which lasted about seven hours during the three days. He was in solitary confinement in a prison because he had been exposed to the corona virus.

Darst, who faces life in prison without parole after being sentenced on October 18, was convicted of first-degree murder of Susan Berman. He was shot in the back of the head at a Los Angeles home in December 2000 as he prepared to tell police how he helped cover up his wife’s murder.

Berman, the daughter of a Las Vegas convict, was a longtime loyalist of Darst who told friends that he had provided her with a fake alibi after his wife disappeared.

Prosecutors painted a portrait of a wealthy narcissist who did not think the laws applied to him and ruthlessly evicted those who stood in his way. He linked evidence of Berman’s murder to the suspected death of Kathy Darst and the 2001 murder of a tenant in Flavos, Texas, where Robert Dorst fled to New York and hid.

Darst was arrested while hiding in a New Orleans hotel in 2015 when the last episode of The Junks: The Life and Death of Robert Darst aired, in which he was confronted with serious evidence. And what the prosecution said was a confession

Darst can be heard insulting himself at a live microphone in the bathroom: “Here it is. You’re caught.”

Darst’s decision to testify in his own defense – hoping to get his acquittal in the Texas murder case – resulted in him being forced to confess to lying under oath, he was admitted unacceptably and when prosecutors When questioned, his reputation was ruined.

Defense attorney David Chesnov said Friday that he believed there was “reasonable doubt” and was disappointed with the decision. He said Dorst would follow all avenues of appeal.

The sentence is a victory for officials who have tried to put Darst behind bars for murder in three states. Darst was never charged with the disappearance of his wife, who was never found, and was acquitted of murder in Galveston, Texas, where he confessed to dismembering the victim’s body and throwing it into the sea. What

The New York real estate developer’s separate family, Darst’s story, has been a fodder for New York tabloids since the disappearance of his wife. It provided so much plot twist that Hollywood could not resist making a feature film about his life, which eventually led to the discovery of a documentary and new evidence in Berman’s murder.

Darst fled the law several times, disguised as a mute woman in Texas and, in a New Orleans hotel, with a latex mask over his shoulders. He was released on bail in Texas and was arrested after purchasing a chicken sandwich in Pennsylvania, despite still receiving 37 37,000 in cash – along with two handguns – in his rental car.

He later said he was “the worst fugitive in the world.”

Darst escaped a close investigation by investigators when his wife went missing. But his troubles resumed in late 2000, when New York authorities reopened the case.

His lawyer told him he was prepared to be indicted in the case, and he fled to a life of luxury in Galveston, Texas, where he rented a cheap apartment as “Dorothy Sunner”. The woman he was excusing could not speak. He eventually disguised himself after an accident involving a walk in the men’s restroom and burning a cigarette to light his wig at once.

Just before Christmas, he testified that he was planning to visit Berman to “stay” in LA to see some tourist destinations.

Darst, who had long refused to live in LA at the time of Berman’s death, testified that he was found dead on the bedroom floor when he arrived.

Berman, a writer who had befriended Dorst since he was a student at the University of California, Los Angeles, had severe financial problems. Darst paid her ڈالر 50,000, and the prosecution suggested she was trying to get more money from him, telling him she was going to talk to the police.

Nine months after his death, Darst killed his Galveston neighbor, Morris Blake, in what he called an accident or self-defense. Dorst said he saw Blast in his apartment holding Darst’s .22 caliber pistol, which had befriended him.

Darst was acquitted after testifying that the 71-year-old had been killed in a gun battle. Darst then cut Blake’s body and threw it into the sea. He was convicted of destroying evidence of mutilation.

He said that after the horrific evidence of the trial and the division, Darst found out that he was a mercenary. Despite a fortune of an estimated 100 million, it was returned by several condominium associations and said the Los Angeles County Museum of Art would not accept the money unless it made an anonymous donation.

Darst thought a 2010 feature film based on his life, “All Good Things”, starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst as Kathy, was largely accurate and sympathetic, leading to three murders. Despite my involvement. He just objected that he was shown hitting his dog – which he would never do.

He contacted the filmmaker and agreed to sit down for a lengthy interview for a documentary. He encouraged his friends to do the same and gave moviegoers access to his record boxes.

He regretted his decision after “The Jinks” aired on HBO in 2015, calling it a “very, very, very big mistake.”

The documentary makers discovered a significant piece of evidence that linked it to an anonymous note sent to police that sent them to Berman’s lifeless body.

Darst, who was so confident he could not attach the note, told the filmmakers that “only the killer could write the note.”

The filmmakers confronted him with a letter he had sent to Berman a year earlier. The handwriting was the same, and Beverly Hills was misspelled as “Beverly”. He could not tell the difference between the two.

The tumultuous moment provided the climax of the film when Dorst left the camera and insulted himself on a live microphone in the bathroom: “Surely they all killed.”

During the 14-day testimony that was sentencing the judge, Mark Wendham called it “disastrous”, Dorst denied killing his wife and Berman, although he said that if he did, he would lie. Will speak

He tried to remove the note and what the prosecution said was a confession during an insecure moment.

For the first time, Darst admitted to witnessing that he sent the note and was in Los Angeles at the time of Berman’s death.

Darst said he sent the note because he wanted to find Berman, but he didn’t want anyone to know he was there because it would look suspicious.

He also admitted that he had difficulty imagining that he could write notes without killing Berman.

“It’s hard to believe I wrote the letter and didn’t kill Susan Berman,” Darst testified.

One prosecutor said that this was one of the “truths” Darst had told amidst a series of lies.