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New York City Fire Vaccine Order, under Police Department Analysis - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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New York City Fire Vaccine Order, under Police Department Analysis

Bill de Blasio Considering Police Vaccine Mandate

New York City Mayor. Bill de Blasio The Associated Press reported Friday that the city’s police force is considering a COVID-19 vaccine order and is looking at “all options” for possible use. Fire Commissioner Daniel Negro has also indicated in recent days that he would support the need for a shot for NYC fire crews, citing the loss of 16 firefighters in a department where they attended a memorial service. ۔

New York Police According to the AP, the department is the largest force in the United States, but its ranks have lower vaccination rates than the city because some officers refuse to shoot. As of Wednesday, 68% NYPDUnlike 76 percent of the city’s adults, the workforce was vaccinated, according to Commissioner Dermot Shi.

After weeks of talking about the need for a possible police vaccine, de Blasio said in Friday’s appearance on Brian Lehr’s WNYC radio show that he began considering “additional measures” for the city’s workforce. And “complex analysis of what’s next” is a step that makes sense. “

For more reporting from the Associated Press, see below.

Bill de Blasio is considering a police vaccine mandate.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that a COVID-19 vaccine order for the city’s police and fire department forces is under consideration. Above, children cross a sidewalk with NYPD vehicles as several roads along Second Avenue are partially closed to non-government traffic near the UN headquarters, September 22.
John Manchello / AP Photo.

Debate over the vaccine mandate has heated up in recent days, with Xi reiterating his support for the initiative, and Negro told reporters he would like the same for firefighters. At the same time, Supreme Court He refused to challenge the City Vaccine Mandate for public school teachers, pointing out the possible legal way to increase the need for other city agencies.

The state has made the vaccine mandatory for healthcare workers, and New York City residents must show proof of vaccination to eat indoors at restaurants or attend sports events. De Blasio initially allowed public school teachers to take the vaccine or submit a regular negative COVID-19 test, but this summer tightened the requirement for all teachers to take the vaccine without the test-out option.

In the days before the deadline, thousands of teachers and other school staff received the vaccine, city officials said.

“We’re looking at different tools,” de Blasio said Friday. “So far, I love how the mandate works.” They’re vaccinating, they’re taking COVID down. We have a lot of other tools and we will talk about them in the next few days. “

Currently, under an executive order signed by the mayor last month, NYPD officers must either be vaccinated or show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test each week. The police department said on Friday that no change in its vaccine policy was pending.

Officers in other cities, including Los Angeles and Seattle, face a deadline this month for the risk of being vaccinated or losing their jobs. In Los Angeles, officials say more than 30 percent of officers have received immunizations despite the October 20 deadline. In Seattle, several hundred officers did not show proof of vaccination before the October 18 deadline. In Massachusetts and Oregon, state troops are fired upon for failing to meet vaccine requirements.

“I will support a vaccine mandate. I have said this from day one. I think science, health, the emergency,” Xi, who was Cowade 19, told de Blasio’s City Hall news briefing on Wednesday. That we are in it, it makes sense. “

The city’s largest police union, the Police Benevolent Association, said it had not been advised by the city or the police department to make any changes to existing vaccine or test policy. The union represents police officers who, with the rank of officer, 23,000 people are on active duty with the department.

“The PBA believes that the COVID-19 vaccine is a medical decision that members should make in consultation with their healthcare providers,” said Pete Lynch, president of the union. “We have called for a vaccine for all members who seek it, and we will continue to protect the rights of members who do not receive the vaccine.”

Possible vaccine order for NYC police.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday he is considering “all options” for a possible COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city police and firefighters. The mayor speaks on stage during Global Citizen Live, New York, on September 25 in New York City.
Getty Images for Global Citizen