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Research has concluded that hair loss and sexual dysfunction are among the potential long-term effects of Covid-19.

Hair loss, low libido and sexual dysfunction are among a wide range of symptoms that can follow a Covid-19 infection, a new study released on Monday suggests.

According to a peer-reviewed study in the journal Nature Medicine, the most common lingering Covid symptoms include bad breath, fatigue and shortness of breath. However, hair growth and libido can also be impaired, among other previously unrecognized symptoms.

We explored the effect of CoVID-19 on 115 symptoms, of which 62 symptoms were found to be statistically significantly associated with CoVID-19 at 12 weeks. [or more] After infection“Anuradha Subramaniam at the University of Birmingham in the UK, lead author of the paper, told New Scientist.

Some of these new symptoms, such as low libido, impotence and hair loss, are really new. They had not previously been attributed to CoVID-19 in the long term.” he added.

The study analyzed the health records of 2.4 million people across the UK, comparing around 500,000 patients who had been infected with the virus to around 1.9 million who had not tested positive. The researchers also used data from patients who were not hospitalized.

For now, it is not clear how the disease can lead to hair loss, although it is known that the condition can be triggered by other infections or stress. Sexual function problems may include apparent ejaculation difficulties.

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People with other chronic diseases often experience sexual dysfunction and we found the same with Covid-19, suggesting that CoVID-19 is a chronic disease.Study co-author Dr Shimal Haroon, associate clinical professor of public health at the University of Birmingham, told New Scientist.

Identified symptoms span multiple organ systems and can generally be divided into three categories: respiratory, including cough and shortness of breath; mental health and cognitive problems such as anxiety, depression and brain fog; and a wide range of symptoms including pain, fatigue and itching.

In addition to identifying new health problems long associated with Covid, the researchers also outlined groups that are more likely to develop the disease in the long term. These include women and people of African descent, as well as some other ethnic groups. People from poorer backgrounds, smokers, and people who are overweight are also at higher risk of prolonged Covid.

The research confirms what patients have been telling clinicians and policymakers throughout the pandemic — that chronic Covid symptoms are widespread and can be caused by other factors, such as lifestyle risk factors or chronic health conditions. Cannot be fully accounted for.” Aaron concluded.

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