Dear Mom: We have lived with a very nice neighbor for almost 30 years. “Charles” is helpful and friendly, and we really like him.

Their political views are 180 degrees different from ours.


So far, that hasn’t been a problem, because we have so many other things to discuss (gardening, family, etc.), and we’ve kept our thoughts to ourselves.

The problem is that he has hung a large flag a few feet from our backyard fence (a new and even bolder model has replaced the original). This flag has a message that represents ideas that are offensive to us.


No profanity – just divisive and hurtful implications. I don’t think it’s a deliberate att*ck on us or anything like that.

We can’t help but see and hear it flapping in the wind whenever we’re in our yard. It extends about 10 feet from the ground, so it cannot be overlooked. (No other neighbors can see it.)


Visitors to our home have commented: “What do you think of this flag?” “I can get rid of that for you — haha,” etc.

My husband and I do not want to lose Charles’ friendship or ruin the good relationship we have had for years.


But it’s deeply troubling to me – a constant reminder of the ugly divide in our country.

I find myself avoiding my yard (and feeling bad for my neighbor).

What is your advice?

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