Nate Robinson devastated by secret plot to win back Tracy Metcalfe

NATE Robinson and Tracy Metcalfe decided to quit earlier this year after finding out he had spent the night with another woman.

But now he sets to work hard to win her back – and hired Belle Dingle to help him – with a secret plot to win her back.

Belle Dingle tries to help Nate get Tracy back


Belle Dingle tries to help Nate get Tracy backCredit: ITV
Heartbroken Nate tried to convince his ex-girlfriend


Heartbroken Nate tried to convince his ex-girlfriendCredit: ITV

Heartbroken Nate, played by Jurell Carter, is desperately trying to win back the affection of his ex Tracy – played by Amy Walsh.

It came after she found out he had spent the night at another woman’s house – after lying that he had been to a friend’s house.

This week, Belle Dingle – played by Eden Taylor-Draper – will come up with a plan to help Nate win Tracy over and see them get back together.

In the scenes that are yet to air, Tracy steps into Nate’s romantic surprise that he has prepared for her – and is initially delighted by the sweet gesture.

But she is quickly upset when she finds out that Belle was involved and lied to her as part of the secret plot, leaving Nate devastated.

He begs Tracy to give their relationship another chance as she tries to walk away, not wanting to hear him.

However, they are soon distracted when baby Frankie utters his first word – “Dada” – in the heat of the argument, leaving Nate elated.

However, that isn’t enough to change Tracy’s mind, and Nate is forced to return to Belle and tell her about the failure of her plan.

Nate will turn to the help of Cain Dingle, played by Jeff Hordley, to find a second plan to rekindle their romance. But will he have better luck?

Tracy was heartbroken earlier this year when Nate lied to her about staying with boyfriend Billy Fletcher – played by Jay Kontzle.

Nate was out with Billy for a few drinks – but his night didn’t go as planned when he caught the attention of a mysterious woman named Fiona.

The couple hit it off before Nate dropped his phone and broke it, meaning he couldn’t call a cab home.

He ended up at Fiona’s to cheer himself up with a few more drinks, forgetting that Tracy was home and fully dressed for their romantic dinner.

Nate will be devastated when his plan doesn't work out the way he wants it to


Nate will be devastated when his plan doesn’t work out the way he wants it toCredit: ITV
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