Dear Abby: My wife passed away two years ago. After a while I met a woman. We dated for a year, shared similar interests and were very intimate. We were inseparable.

Now, after a year of marriage, we do nothing together, and he has put on 30 pounds. His three daughters, who I believed were independent at ages 20, 22 and 24, are actually partially supported by him. His 15-year-old son lives with us and plays on his computer in his room. He is delivered food and does no work.


I make $250K a year. She works and makes about $50K, and I give her an allowance to help pay for her son’s private school and whatever else she wants.

It’s obvious that I’m not number 1 in his life. Since she just got back from a girls’ weekend (which I funded), I might not even be #2. Also, if I get near her cell phone, she freaks out.


My friends say I should run away, that she is a gold digger who took advantage of me. I can’t believe I was so wrong, and I’m always giving it “one more chance”.

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