Miguel Andujar, once one of the most promising young Yankees, recalled from the minor league after Aaron Hicks was placed on the paternity list.

Miguel Andujar was once one of the Yankees’ bright young stars. Now the 27-year-old is simply looking for a chance to reclaim his position in the big leagues. Tuesday, the utility infielder/outfielder was recalled from Triple-A to take Aaron Hicks roster spot, who went on the paternity list. Andujar, who was on the offensive against Triple-A, was in the Bronx but not in the lineup on Tuesday against the Orioles.

“It’s always so difficult,” Andujar said through third base coach Luis Rojas, who filled in for him on Tuesday. “Had a good spring training and he realizes he can only control what he can control. And that’s playing baseball. He’s here to help the team win.”

In 13 games in Triple-A this season, Andujar hit .347/.396/.551 with three homers and six RBIs. He played left field and third base.

“I feel comfortable at first base, too,” Andujar said.

The Dominican product had a huge offensive season as a rookie in 2018 hitting .297/.328/.527 with .855 OPS with 47 doubles, 27 homers and 92 RBIs. He finished second to Shohei Otani in Rookie of the Year voting.

And then he injured his shoulder, the Yankees chose Gio Urshela to be their daily third baseman, and Andújar was left looking for a spot.

This influenced his crime.

Since that breakout rookie season, he hit .228 with seven homers and 18 RBIs in 78 games.

This season, Andújar has made some minor changes to his swing, but the results have mostly come from being healthy and getting opportunities all the time.

On Tuesday, he said he thinks he can repeat it at major league level – if he gets the chance. Aaron Boon said “We’ll see how the week goes” when asked about where and when Andujar will play.

“The last couple of years, obviously dealing with various injuries and not getting consistent opportunities here, I’m sure all of that in a couple of years – especially when you’ve been successful at this level – I’m sure it’s weighed. on him and was frustrating and difficult at times,” Boon said. “I feel like he’s also gotten to the point where ‘I know I just have to take care of myself to get ready to perform.’

“Honestly, I was very pleased with what we saw in spring training,” Boon said. “And he took it to the start of the season and certainly deserved the opportunity.”

Hicks and wife Cheyenne Woods, niece of Tiger Woods, were expecting a boy. Hicks is expected to miss at least a three-game streak against the Orioles.


Joey Gallo returned to the dugout and was ignored by his teammates. After struggling to start the season, the southpaw finally hit his first home run of the season and was treated like a rookie by his teammates.

“I haven’t had this since my first major league home run. So, it’s been a while since I received this. I didn’t expect them to do it, but I laughed,” Gallo said after the Yankees’ 12-8 victory over the Orioles at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night. “I thought it was really funny

It’s been nearly eight years since Gallo was a rookie, and some nights it probably looked like he’d already hit a home run. His last time was on September 21, 2021 and the pressure was mounting. Gallo started Tuesday night hitting .146/.255/.167 with a .421 OPS. In his first 48 at-bats, he hit 22 times.

“I think sometimes you get a little freaked out thinking why don’t these balls go off? I hit a few balls really well this year and they hit the wall or the warning lane,” Gallo said. “Last year, I remember, I played like 15 or 20 games without extra base hits to open (with the Rangers). This is a process. It’s a long season, so you know they’re coming, I just have to keep working.”

Since hitting the trade deadline last season from Texas, Gallo hit .157/.293/.356 with 13 homers, 110 strikeouts and 44 walks in his first 74 games with the Yankees.