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Michael Williams' friends say they don't need Amy. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Michael Williams’ friends say they don’t need Amy.

Celebrities get paid regularly just for being famous. And actor Michael K. Williams was more than happy to share the loot with his Brooklyn friends.

Elon “Spa” Washington remembers his childhood friend. “The Wire” actor. Appearing for repatriation in 2002 after being released from a Washington prison on robbery charges. “Mike hugged me and gave me a box set of ‘The Wire’. There was also a dress. He was being given stuff to wear, good special things from the foot form and running the DMC line.” Gave it to me. “

All over East Bush, where Williams grew up, and Williamsburg – where he was. Found dead in his apartment September 6 – Neighbors have fond memories of the star’s generosity and humility. They’ll be watching tonight because Williams has been nominated. Best Supporting Actress Amy For his work HBOsLeo Craft Country. This will be his fourth acting nomination.

“It would be nice to see Amy win,” Washington said. “It would be sweet to win when he was alive. It would be bitter, but, nonetheless, it would destroy his legacy.

Old friend Liberal McFadden agreed: “Of course I’m connecting for him, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t need an award. His heart is his biggest trophy.

After growing up in the then dangerous and drug-filled East Flat Bush neighborhood during the 1980s and ’90s, Friends and family are shocked. A suspected heroin overdose was found dead in his luxurious waterfront penthouse in Williamsburg.

They never doubted it could happen to Mike – a great achievement they were all proud of, especially since he never let fame go to his head.

Michael Williams in a scene. "Leo Craft Country"
In a scene from Michael Williams’s “Leo Craft Country”

Chrismina Reppert, a neighbor in the Williamsburg high-rise, will miss a celebrity “who was so generous and so friendly that it was a shock. My sister, who is disabled, came to visit and she Will come to the rescue.

Back to the field of his boyhood.“An inspiration,” said McFadden, of the housing complex then known as Winderworth Estates and now Flat Bush Garden. When he was a teenager, “he told me I could model. We became close like brothers and sisters. We would go upstairs to take pictures and he would act as my photographer.

McFadden, who works in the accounting department at a car dealership on Long Island, said Williams’ encouragement had a profound effect on him: Is.’ ”

Michael K. Williams appears at his awards show for the 27th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on March 31, 2021.
Michael K. Williams appears at his awards show for the 27th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on March 31, 2021.
Getty Images

Despite his desire to rise above his origins, Williams remained close. Even when his career began – then when he helped his mother move to Pennsylvania and was given a place to live – she kept her cradle in Vandervir for a while. “He had another apartment in Williamsburg,” Washington recalled. “But he stayed here too long.”

Washington, who works as a construction worker and works in his family’s liquor store, said he has been straight and tight since prison – and some of his credit goes to Williams’ help. “He took me aside and said, ‘You have to stay out of the way. We’re going to do some good things,'” Washington recalled. “It was impressive to hear that from Mike.”

In addition to being a popular actor in series such as “Board Walk Empire”, “The Night Off” and “When They See Us”, Williams was also a talented dancer. He was described as the “head of the household” and moved to wherever he was found.

Alvin, Williams' childhood friend
Williams’ childhood friends Alvin “Spa” Washington (left) and Ian Locke remembered how the actor would give them presents. Locke said it helped Williams learn to play the tough guy.
Stephen Yang.

He was riding his motorbike to Commodore Berry Park. [where dance parties were known to break out] And join us, “Nina Ansari, a regular at the event, told The Post.” Michael had already done ‘The Wire’ and I was like, ‘Wow’. Michael doesn’t live on a hill in Hollywood. He is here with us. “It simply came to our notice then.

Years ago, she made her moves in Wanderer, where a teenager, Barbara Streisand, lived in the 1950s. Pointing to the grassy area of ​​the complex, Washington said, “Michael was an open spirit from day one.” We used to have dance fights there. We put the cardboard down and people came to see. Mike was a stand-up rocker: he was popping up and doing things like that. Later, she danced for celebrities.

Washington cites Williams ‘early gigs in some 50 music videos – including Madonna’s “Secret” and George Michaels’ “Killer.” But getting from Vanderveer to MTV was a long way off.

Longtime friend, La Abriel McFadden (right) poses with Williams.
Longtime friend, La Abriel McFadden (right) poses with Williams.
La Abriel McFadden.

The 23-year-old, with two grand theft auto charges under his belt, and he told the Hollywood Reporter, had in the past been “a party kid … full of party favors” – of Williams Manhattan Community College. He was important in business in the borough. He got an entry level job in Pfizer. But, as she told National Public Radio, she watched Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” video and “I lost my mind. I just dropped out of school. I quit my job. And I, like. “Here it is: I’m going to be a Janet Jackson dancer.” ‘

The move caused a rift in the home (Williams’ father had died and he was raised by a single mother who ran a day care center). As he later said on NPR, “I became homeless.” He slept where he could, survived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and took his place to watch a video of dance pop Kim Sims.

Then there was destruction.

Williams' childhood friend, Liberal McFadden, says of the Amy nomination: "At the end of the day, he doesn't need an award.  His heart is his biggest trophy."
McFadden says of the Amy nomination: “At the end of the day, he doesn’t need an award. His heart is his biggest trophy.
Stephen Yang.

“I remember when he was cut,” said Dominic Dupont, Williams’ nephew – who said he would accept Amy if his uncle won. “Michael was in a nightclub when he was celebrating his 25th birthday when he got into an argument and someone cut his face with a razor. He thought it was the end of his career.

“He was down, he was upset,” Washington recalled. “He walked out of the club with a towel over his face and it looked awful at first. But the surgeon gave him a good line and he gave him a role.

Some four years later, “Topak. [Shakur] Saw Mike’s Polaroid with stain. The rapper dug a rough road and helped cast Williams in the 1996 film “Bullet,” starring Shakur and Mickey Rourke. He lit a fuse over Williams’ acting career – minor roles in “Law & Order,” “Supranos” and “Boston Legal” – and his career-building roles in Omar Little, the gay stack-up “Wire,” In 2002.

The bodies were found in Kent Avenue Condo, Williamsburg.
Michael’s Williams was found dead in Kent Avenue Condo, Williamsburg.
James Messerschmidt.

To viewers, Williams appeared to be completely convincing. Her friends at home knew it was pure acting. “One day I saw Michael and I said to him, ‘So where do you get all this gangster stuff for the age character?’ “You’re not a real gangster dude,” Ian Lock, a childhood friend, told The Post. I am. ‘ He was serious! I know where I was at the time and I saw him. He took some inspiration from me. It felt good. “

Even as Williams’ career progressed, he never forgot where he came from or his longtime friends.

“Every year, on my birthday, she gave me a beautiful Diane van Furstenberg dress,” McFadden said. “He would send flowers and tell me he was thinking of me. I do not know of a woman in Michael’s life who did not find him amazing … He always told you how beautiful you were.” ۔

“He would call me and say, ‘Get up, get dressed, I’m sending a car and we’re going to the village.’ Then we would go to a restaurant and just walk around the village. Michael liked good food.

Flat Bush Gardens, Brooklyn, where Michael grew up.
Flat Bush Gardens, Brooklyn, where Michael’s Williams grew up.
Zandi Mangold

Dupont also remembers having big meals with his unmarried uncle – “he liked oxtail with rice and peas, cone fritters, cone chowder” – and saw how Williams treated fame. “Michael often said, ‘Don’t give me the names of my characters. I’m the only boy in the community who has been blessed.

McFadden wishes she could have one last conversation with the man she loved like a brother. He said they lost each other’s phone calls a week before his death. “I planned to call him. Then I got the news.”

Although Williams admitted in a 2012 interview to taking drugs in “horrible places with horrible people” while starring in “The Wire”, Washington could not have gone through all of that time, believing that Williams was a threat. Were out of the area.

“I said why a thousand times? Brother why do you do that?”

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