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McClelland defeated Marin Catholic 3-0 - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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McClelland defeated Marin Catholic 3-0

McClelland defeated Marin Catholic 3-0

Auckland-McClelland has shown how difficult it will be to compete this season as he beat unbeaten Marin Catholic 33-22 earlier on Friday night.

The Warriors tore Marin Catholic to pieces, allowing just seven points in their first three games.

McClelland (3-0) was dominated by wind in the first half as quarterback Drian Paul passed 180 of his 223 yards and two of his three touchdowns. The Warriors took a 19-14 lead at half time.

But in the second half, the Warriors ran for 128 of their 224 yards to catch the Wild Cats on the ground. McClelland was not far behind in the second half.

“We did a good job of adjusting their defense,” said Paul, who also ran dynamically for 91 yards and two touchdowns. “They started putting more people in the box, so we had to make sure we played the ball.”

McClelland’s Jay Vivian Cole celebrated a touchdown in the first half against a visit to Marine Catholic on Friday, September 17, 2021.

McClymonds’ offense achieved something rare – two players caught the reception more than 100 yards away. Dwayne McDougall caught eight passes for 110 yards and Jay Vivian Cole added seven receptions for 108 yards, two of which went to TD.

Cole’s second touchdown catch and Paul’s throw was high light rail material. Marine Catholic 33 first and 10, Paul saw Cole Zone in the last zone and raised the ball. Cole slipped and fell on his back as he turned outside. But the pass was so accurate that it landed on Cole, who caught it 19-14 for the benefit of McClelland.

“When the ball was in the air, I slipped and fell, but it fell into my lap,” said 6-foot Cole. “(Paul) is a great player. He executes everything and presents it to us.

McClelland, who has only 27 players at the university, also stood defensively. It included Marine Catholic quarterback Michael Ingresia, who fired him eight times, including four in the fourth quarter. Tyson Clayton had two sacks for Mac.

Marin Catholic (3-1) scored. Charles Williams’ 55-yard opening kick-off and 21-yard line from England to Robert Tuttle, Williams scored 5 yards.

But McClelland responded quickly. From Paul to McDougall to 49 yards, Cole to Paul set up a 22-yard touchdown reception.

The game remained level at 7 until the first drive of the second half when the pool reached the end zone on a four-yard run. But then one team responded immediately, as the Marine Catholics used a 59-yard pass from England to Williams to install a four-yard TD under British rule.

But an amazing 33-yard pass from Paul to Cole gave McClemunds a 19-14 lead in the second quarter. Paul threw his last touchdown pass of the game in the third quarter, 5 yards to Michael Densby, in which the 6-0 senior got out of the grip of a defender, then bounced the second zone to reach the final zone.